SignStix® Takes Major Step Towards Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with Advanced Integration Features for Truly Intelligent Digital Campaigns

As part of SignStix’s® upcoming 2.10 software release, the team behind the award-winning digital engagement platform have developed a set of brand new integration features that enable organisations to build their own intelligent digital experiences without technical restriction.

This presents new, exciting opportunities for brands looking to craft dynamic digital campaigns that go far beyond the realms of what standard digital signage platforms can offer.

“We really have reached a significant milestone in the development of the platform and we’re extremely excited to launch this feature set, because we realise the immediate benefits this will bring to organisations, regardless of size or sector,” said Aneysha Wakelin, Head of Marketing at SignStix®.

“Whilst the SignStix platform is still a perfect fit for typical digital signage use cases, brands are now able to address specific communications challenges that were previously difficult to overcome, whilst uncovering new opportunities for digital engagement across the business.

“From interactive Intranets and meeting room booking systems for staff, right through to custom logistics portals with real-time information and data-driven customer experiences, SignStix® has quickly evolved into a platform that really has no limits.”

The new mechanisms – officially known as the SignStix ‘Automation Features’ – consists of two integration tools: the SignStix® API and the JavaScript Extension.

Using both Automation Features, clients have the capability to design and develop any type of digital experience within SignStix’s® core platform, alleviating the need for external servers or widgets to manage business logic.

The SignStix® API allows for the integration of third-party systems with digital content (such as displaying dynamic pricing, pulled from an external Point of Sale system), and the JavaScript Extension has the capability to link digital content with external ‘triggers’ to create truly dynamic campaigns that are reactive to real-time events occurring both inside and outside of the SignStix® environment.

These ‘triggers’ or ‘events’ can range, quite tremendously; from an emergency button being pushed and triggering emergency wayfinding messages, to a customer picking up a product from a shelf to adapt in-store messaging and promotions.

“The Automation Features are a massive step forward in helping organisations build entirely dynamic digital experiences,” says Nick Fearnley, SignStix® CEO.

“Together, the SignStix® API and the JavaScript Extension give SignStix® customers greater control over their digital campaigns. Both mechanisms allow the core SignStix® platform to be easily modified and configured to control and receive specific data, letting clients customise the SignStix® platform to their exact needs.

“Ultimately,” Fearnley continued, “the Automation Features allow users to be as creative and innovative as they like – with zero technical restriction.

“This enables organisations to create bolder, bigger, smarter digital campaigns – and that is remarkably exciting for everyone.”

The new feature set marks the first major step in the company’s evolution from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – allowing clients to use the SignStix® platform as a framework to develop and deploy their own software applications.

The latest advances in the SignStix® platform have also resulted in SignStix® staff becoming much more involved with clients on a consultative level.

“We now have a different type of challenge,” Fearnley explained. “Due to the breadth of opportunities the Automation Features present, we are working closely with our partners and clients to help them understand how they can really utilise the SignStix® API and the Extension to create show-stopping digital experiences that other platforms would simply find difficult to achieve.

“This includes using the Features to help clients build truly multi-sensory experiences that link digital signage with other external factors (such as lighting or music),” Fearnley added. “Events can range from music playlists to lighting displays, with specific tracks or colours being triggered as soon as certain content is displayed. The possibilities really are infinite – and of course, they can all be managed centrally within the SignStix platform.”

The SignStix® Automation Features are already being adopted by a number of SignStix clients, including one of the UK’s ‘big four’ supermarket brands, who have been working with the SignStix® team to deliver a custom portal integrated with live data feeds. The portal has been rolled out to every site across the UK.

“What’s really clever about this particular use case, is that we’ve been able to easily automate interaction with external third-party URLs. Simply put, this means that the client can login automatically to their own internal dashboard, without any user interaction,” Nick explains. “This is particularly useful for large organisations, who may want to display their own internal webservice portals, CRM systems, online project management tools, or even social media accounts. The whole logon process can be entirely automated.

“Thanks to our latest integration tools, we’ve already seen SignStix® form the foundation of enterprise level digital innovation. You’re going to see lots of platforms ‘Powered by SignStix®’ very soon,” Fearnley continued.

The SignStix® Automation Features are part of the upcoming 2.10 software release, which will be made available to all SignStix® subscribers in the next couple of weeks.

About SignStix®

SignStix® is a multi-award winning digital engagement platform, designed to deliver engaging content to any digital display or device. Built from the ground up, it is a user-friendly, web-based tool for creating, managing and deploying digital content, video and interactive applications with ease. It is used by some of the world’s leading retail brands, corporates and Fortune 500 companies to build innovative digital experiences and attention-grabbing displays.