Smart Students Demand Smart Tech-Higher Ed Institutions Need to Step Up | Omnivex Corp.

By Jessica Turnblom, Omnivex

“Millennials are embracing the increasingly digital world. Imagine an institution that brings together thousands of these millennials everyday. This place is where they spend the majority of their time for four to eight years, and spend thousands of dollars to do so. What are their expectations for such a place? Digital communication. As a student myself, currently attending a well known Canadian University, I have first hand experience with the digital communication tools available on campuses. Higher education institutions are using basic digital signage to share important information in order to improve the campus experience for students, employees, and visitors. While this is a great start, it is only scratching the surface of what digital communication tools can do for this community. With the majority of students between the ages of 18-25, they have grown up in an era of tech, making it an expectation rather than a bonus. Highlighted below are a few of the many ways university and colleges can implement digital communications across their campuses.”

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