Southwire Uses Enplug to Manage Employee Communication

December 3, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Enplug, a leading cloud-based digital signage software provider, today announced that Southwire – one of the largest manufacturers of wire and cable and an emerging influence in the industrial electrical space – uses Enplug to manage employee communications across its corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, customer service centers and regional sales offices.

Southwire recently turned to Enplug to better utilize its existing displays to deliver relevant, timely information to all employees. Enplug’s digital signage platform played a central role, helping Southwire overcome technical and budgetary obstacles.

Enplug was instrumental in helping Communications Specialist Nick Cooley and his team revamp the company’s digital signage network. He conducted extensive vetting of potential solutions and ultimately decided on Enplug for the platform’s ease-of-use and affordability, delivered as a cloud-based, app-based solution to future-proof the investment.

“Enplug has given me the power to build Southwire News Network into a critical lifeline that guides every aspect of our internal communications,” said Nick Cooley, Communications Specialist, Southwire. “Cost-savings and usability alone justify the switch to Enplug, but equally important is how well the platform functions not only in our corporate facilities, but also on our factory floors.”

With Enplug at the core of the company’s internal communications platform, Southwire produces professional-quality video content that’s viewed daily throughout the entire organization. In aggregate, approximately 150 displays are now connected via Enplug’s platform, providing a single sign-on solution to manage Southwire’s extensive library of content. Cooley maintains all company-wide content, while pre-determined group leaders manage facility-specific content updates.

Enplug has dramatically improved the flow of content throughout the Southwire organization. Using a cloud-based app interface to manage content across dozens of facilities is a significant improvement from the legacy system. But perhaps the most measurable improvement is Southwire’s ability to effectively disseminate information to workers on the factory floor without having to send content via email, keeping workers well-informed, on-task and productive.

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