The Digital Signage Federation®  Announces Support of ALOOH! LIVE Event

October 12, 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Sir Martin Sorrell is Featured as the Keynote Presenter

Warrenton, VA – The Digital Signage Federation (DSF), the independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry, is pleased to announce that it is supporting the 8-day online event from October 19-26 being put on by ALOOH, the largest OOH association in Latin America. The event is called ALOOH! LIVE and will be presented on the DSF website each of these days thanks to a partnership with ALOOH. Media legend Sir Martin Sorrell from MediaMonks will be a featured presenter. The link will be live on a link which will be prominent on the DSF homepage.

Guillermo De Lella, Founding Member & CEO of ALOOH, said “ALOOH (LATIN AMERICA OOH ASSOCIATION) is the associative entity that brings together the leading OOH Companies from 17 countries in the region. With a strong presence in the markets of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Central America. Currently, there are more than 60 members who lead the association. ALOOH maintains a strong alliance with WOOHO (World Out of Home Organization) the international organization of OOH and the Digital Signage Federation.”

The DSF DOOH Global Council is supporting the partnership. SmartBomb Media Group CEO, Sheldon Silverman, who also serves as the Co-Chair of the Council, is presenting. He said about the event “This is a very positive event to bring our industry together and symbolizes the goals that the Global Digital Out-Of-Home Council has for cross market collaboration. Bringing DOOH, Brand, Media, Advertising and Ad-Tech thought leaders from around the globe to share their insights is a powerful reminder as to the breadth and reach of our industry. We are so thankful to continue to work closely with ALOOH and our Latin America partners on this opportunity for our members to hear from such dynamic industry leaders from almost every continent.”

DSF member presenters include:

  • Mike Cooper- Executive Board of Geopath
  • Kym Frank – President of Geopath
  • Stephanie Gutnick- Digital Transformation Specialist Consultant for OUTFRONT Media
  • Ichiro Jinnai- President and CEO of LIVE BOARD, Inc.,
  • Michael Provenzano- CEO and co-founder Vistar Media
  • Rick Robinison- Strategy Manager at Billups of
  • Sheldon Silverman- CEO of SmartBomb Media

Featured presenters from associations with which the DSF collaborates include Anna Bager, CEO of OAAA, and Tom Goddard, President of WOOHO.

Other invited presenters include:

  • Luis di Como- EVP Global Media – Unilever
  • Perdro Pina- VP Global Partnership – Google
  • Alejandro Ferrer- IMC Director – Coca Cola Latin Center
  • Antonio Miranda- CEO OMD, PHD & Annalect Peru
  • Adrian Barreiros- Founder, Linchpin.Solutions
  • Barry Frey – President, DPAA
  • Borja Balanzat Gongora- Director General, Exterion Media
  • Pedro Renault- VP Research Economics, Banco Itau
  • Raul Flores- CEO, Outdoor Stores
  • Vanina Rudaef- CEO, The Cyranos Argentina (a fantastic creative agency I have worked with)
  • Antonio Vincenti- CEO, Pikasso
  • Boris Dallafontana- Brand Corp Manager, Grupo Escato
  • Lorena Santana Reuss & Solange Arredondo Lepez – Do! Smart City

ALOOH! LIVE Event Sponsors include:

  • Unilumin
  • Broadsign
  • Daktronics
  • Doohmain
  • Scopesi
  • AdMobelize
  • Adsmovil OOH

About the Digital Signage Federation and DOOH Global Council
The DOOH Global Council is an affiliate organization of the DSF with a worldwide purview specifically to support the needs of companies involved in the intersection between out-of-home advertising and the digital signage industry.

The primary objective of the DSF Global Digital Out-of-Home Council is to provide a resource for DSF members to build their capacity to support out-of-home advertising companies, agencies, and brands. Much of this capacity will be developed through conformity of analytics, ad buying, and technology deployment.

DSF’s Mission is to support and promote the common business interests of the world-wide digital signage, interactive technologies and the digital out-of-home network industries. The DSF is a not-for-profit independent voice of the digital signage industry reflecting the diversity of its membership. It promotes professional recognition through certifications, continuing education, conferences, publications, and presentations offered by the DSF and affiliate groups. It provides government lobbying to leverage the collective strength of members and represent their interests at the higher levels of government and the community. The DSF provides leadership and networking opportunities focused on building a strong foundation for the advancement of the digital signage industry. For more information, visit


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