Videotel Digital is Top-of-Mind for Innovation and set to Debut a New RFID Interactive Solution at DSE

A must-have for museums, retail stores, trade shows, healthcare, and just about anywhere people gather, a new interactive solution has come to play, literally. The latest in Videotel Digital’s lineup of stars, the RFID Interactive Solution is all about increasing instant engagement and improving the overall experience. Picture a customer doing what a customer does – lifting a product that’s of interest to them off of an area or display. This time, however, thanks to the new solution, that simple movement triggers a video or image file that plays information about that product in real-time. Now, users can broadcast promotions or helpful information about a specific item of interest onto a screen instantly. This will be of particular interest at the nationally-recognized Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas on April 1st and 2nd. There Videotel Digital’s RFID Interactive Solution will debut to amply heighten visitor experiences in booth number 1934.

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