‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday: 22Miles Provides Digital Solutions for the Orange County Convention Center

In this week’s ‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday 🤩, the Digital Signage Federation would like to highlight a recent installation at the Orange County Convention Center by 22Miles !


‘A Scalable Solution for Convention Centers’

“Tasked with seeking a solution to help guests navigate one of the largest convention centers in America, Information Technology Manager Michael Distler, turned to 22Miles to satisfy the complex goals OCCC’s advisory board conveyed to his team.”

🖥️ OCCC’s IT director wanted to add more screens and kiosks in the future as the facilities needs grow. Currently Orange County Convention Center has:
• 20 interactive wayfinding kiosks strategically placed throughout the facility.
• Custom mobile app with Secure Mobile Control
• 66 column digital signs & more than 94 menu displays
• Easy content creation & updating via Publisher Pro CMS

“…Helping guests navigate the sprawling facility and it’s robust events schedule quickly, while simultaneously empowering staff to easily update and communicate information on a large-scale facility-wide basis required a multi-faceted solution. The combination of facility-wide digital signage, two types of interactive wayfinding kiosks, and a custom mobile app with mobile phone screen control placed the convention center in rare company among the most technologically evolved convention centers operating.” 🙌

Learn more about Digital Signage & Interactive Wayfinding for Convention Centers | Orange County Convention Center here: https://lnkd.in/gjvi4fCV


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