‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday: Red Dot Digital Media, Inc.

In this week’s ‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday 🤩, the Digital Signage Federation would like to highlight a display by Red Dot Digital Media, Inc. !

Red Dot Digital Media, a leading specialty integrator in the digital signage space, recently designed and deployed an interactive koi pond as part of a larger office remodel project for a major banking institution headquartered in Los Angeles.

The project, located in the 2Cal building at California Plaza in the Bunker Hill area of Downtown LA, is a centerpiece of the bank’s corporate headquarters and has become a popular gathering point for employees throughout the day.

The koi pond is comprised of a pair of 85-inch NEC displays connected to a PC, joined side-by-side and mounted face up, with a large TSI Touch overlay turning the two screens into a single, large interactive touch screen. The displays can also be connected to a BrightSign LLC HD224 media player split to both screens to temporarily display preloaded content whenever the PC is taken offline for maintenance or to perform content updates.


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