Animalia and Rise Vision Partner to Teach Animal Facts and Statistics Through K-12 Digital Signage

(April 28, 2022) –– Looking for new and exciting ways to teach your students about the animal kingdom? Look no further than Animalia, an online encyclopedia of 6341 mammals, 10360 birds, 4464 reptiles, 3421 amphibians, and 4906 mollusks. This month, Rise Vision has partnered with Animalia to help students learn, explore, and value the magnificent diversity of the animal kingdom.

What makes this partnership so great is for no additional cost to schools, Rise Vision has created new templates including the Animal Of The Day, which shows a new animal every day of the year, with fun facts including the type of vore, life span, movement speed, and population size, along with a high resolution image of the animal.

Want to add these templates to your displays?

Try the template for free: here                Try the template for free: here

“Digital signage shouldn’t be complicated. It should be educational and informational. Rise Vision’s partnership with Animalia addresses both points, while being eye-catching and fun. As Rise Vision continues to grow we look for more partnerships to help address school and classroom communication barriers and save educators time and effort.” – Shea Darlison, Head of Marketing, Rise Vision

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ABOUT ANIMALIAAnimalia was built by a group of proud Ukrainian wildlife researchers who love all things animals. Not only does Animalia feature animal facts, but separates animals by habitat, lifestyle and behavior, geography, continents, and so much more. This animalia kingdom encyclopedia is always growing and looking to help make animals fun and exciting to learn about.

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