Case Study: How Weston School District Built a Digital Strategy with Digital Signage, 15 Minutes at a Time

(May 12, 2022) –– Rise Vision has released a new case study of Weston School District, a small school district which serves three rural communities of Cazenovia, Hillpoint, and Lime Ridge, Weston and has a student population of 300 students. While Weston School District doesn’t face the problems a very large school does, it does face its own challenges.

Amanda Keller, who has been social media and public relations director at Weston for the past 4 years discussed the district’s challenges of its students across 12 years of compulsory education. Back in 2018, Weston struggled with keeping families updated with printed, physical newsletters.

‘It was frustrating to put so much time into communication we knew would be outdated before it reached our families and community,’ Keller continues. ‘It was also time-consuming to create bulletin boards that were very limited in how we could use them. These bulletin boards also had to be recreated often to keep the images current.’

Thanks to Amanda, Weston has multiple digital communication channels: there’s a school website, social media channels, and a school app. The transition was eased by Rise Vision’s device agnosticism. ‘The original TVs we used for the Rise Vision monitors had been previously used in classrooms,’ says Keller. This allowed the school to experiment with, and experience the value of Rise Vision for themselves, without making significant investments in hardware. We’d recommend that schools looking for a digital signage solution seek something that lets them utilize the assets they already have.

Learn about the use of Rise Vision digital signage that is placed near locations that students (and visitors) are likely to slow or stop, such as water fountains, to improve attention and retention in our latest case study: How Weston School District Built a Digital Strategy with Digital Signage, 15 Minutes at a Time


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