Brands in Motion – DSF Member Interview





1. What does your company do? 

Brands In Motion bridges the gaps between big billboards and big-data. Our nationwide fleet of digital mobile billboards provide brand marketers with next-level technologies and reach to consumers on-the-go by connecting OOH, event marketing, Internet and Mobile promotions.

Our Digital Mobile Billboards are constructed as initiators for engagement ecosystems that add value to our clients campaigns by delivering high-impact creative digital promotions that provide targeting, real-time analytics and measurement for specific results and ROI calculations.

2. What’s next for your company/the industry?

Brands In Motion exists to transform the mobile billboard business from a low-performing, fragmented services to state-of-the-art media that harnesses a variety of technologies such as AI, autonomous vehicles, mobile applications, Out-Of-Home and L.E.D. technologies to helps brand marketers reach new customers when and where they are most receptive.

3. Why did you join the DSF?

To share our vision, passion and service with an industry that embraces new technologies and fosters innovation.

4. How may fellow DSF members reach you? Please use your primary public contact.

Fellow DSF members can contact me directly., 702-835-2034