CBCI TELECOM – DSF Member Interview

1. What does your company do?

We want to revolutionize the way people connect for business by providing the latest collaboration technologies, with solutions designed by experienced engineers, designers and technicians.

In over 30 years of growth, we have been at the forefront of videoconferencing adoption across the country, and have developed expertise in providing visual communications to corporate, health, education and government sectors. Our resources and industry knowledge are constantly expanding – which allows us to provide all solutions

Our company culture is reflected in our service. We prize close teamwork and a family-like environment, and base our customer interactions on the same principles. Above all, we value integrity, respect, creativity and a team approach.

2. What’s next for your company/the industry?

As video is becoming the standard for advertising and branding, we are now making a push within the world of digital signage.

With the intention, of offering a full turn key solution.

From initial concept design of the required system to the integration, and content management, CBCI Telecom will be able to guide organizations throughout the entire process, that will offer a complete ROI, and ROO for the digital signage deployment..

3. Why did you join the DSF?

I wanted to make sure that my education and visibility continues to grow within the world of digital signage.. At DSE 2018 I attended, and received my DSEG certification.

It is my hopes that being a memeber of DSF will culminate in me being the leader of digital signage integration within Canada.

4. How may fellow DSF members reach you? 

Tel” 514-409-9703
email: cfreedman@cbcitelecom.com

Charles Freedman