Chelsea Market Digital Network Gets Refresh

(January 29, 2020, Montclair, New Jersey) Pearl Media, an award-winning Out-Of-Home Advertising and Marketing Agency, recently extended its engagement to be the exclusive media partner for Chelsea Market.  Chelsea Market is an enclosed modern food hall, office building and television production facility located in Manhattan’s popular Meatpacking District.  Pearl Media has been the exclusive media partner since 2014.
As part of the extension agreement, all of the individual digital screens in the Chelsea Market Network (CMN) have been upgraded, providing a brilliant, dynamic canvas for the creative campaigns from top national and international brands who display on the network.  The Chelsea Market Network (CMN) is made up of seven 55” portrait LCD screens, two LCD video arrays and one 55” landscape screen.
“In looking at the digital plant we had at Chelsea Market, we realized the original displays were aging and wanted to upgrade to not only newer screens but screens we could have more remote access to,” said Daniel Odham, Senior Vice President, Production at Pearl Media. “We chose to replace all of our individual LCD assets with Samsung QM55R screens, because the MagicINFO and Tizen software have the ability to report back data about the hardware including the operating temperature, input, source, and provide an actual pixel for pixel screenshot of what’s playing,” added Odham.

The media opportunity at Chelsea Market is comprised of 10 unique digital screen positions located throughout the 40-thousand sq. ft. market which stretches a full city block between West 15th and West 16th Street beginning at 9th Ave and ending at 10th Ave where one of the two LCD video walls are located.  For that 10th Ave array, Odham went with NEC UN462A displays.
“We needed to fit a curved array in that area and wanted narrow bezels and a uniformly bright canvas that would not interfere with showcasing the creative,” says Odham. “These direct LED backlit 46” displays offer excellent off-angle viewing with less color shift than traditional wall panels and provide us with heat management capabilities which help with monitoring,” added Odham.  For the one interactive portrait display Odham chose a 55” NEC V554-T Touch screen with integrated IR Touch capabilities just in case brands want to push an interactive creative.
Another factor Odham took into account when replacing the screens was a desire to keep the original distressed wood frames, which he was able to do.  Now that all the screens have been updated, Odham has plans to upgrade the media players and CMS. But he’s not prepared to say which models or CMS, at least not yet. “Stay tuned,” said Odham.

About Pearl Media
Pearl Media develops, manages and sells unique marketing and digital media opportunities. Working with best in class real estate assets, Pearl digitizes urban core mixed use commercial space, transit centers and transit adjacent properties in top markets with premium place-based digital signage networks. We target and transform premium large format static properties and vacant storefronts into best-in-market out-of-home advertising opportunities. At Pearl we leverage all of our creative and technical disciplines to provide an all-encompassing 360-degree platform that enhances a real estate asset’s persona allowing brands to engage with consumers in meaningful ways where they work, shop, live and play through digital signage, experiential activation spaces and sponsorship opportunities.

About Chelsea Market
Iconic culinary destination Chelsea Market has become an internationally renowned brand and is considered one of the greatest indoor food and retail marketplaces in the world today. Located in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking district, the market’s collection of distinctive and diverse merchants adds up to more than just hour average food hall, rather a lively marketplace where one can shop the region’s finest fishmonger, take home prime cuts of meat from one of the area’s best whole-animal butchers, load up on artisanal cheeses, fresh produce and imported Italian dry goods. It’s the savory meals enjoyed at Chelsea market, just as much as the fresh ingredients purchased there that make it a beloved destination for locals and travelers alike.