Digital Signage Moves to the Cloud

As, Belgium, 2020-01-29: PresentationPoint GCV, a company specializing in digital signage and data presentation software is pleased to announce the release of SignageTube, it’s new cloud-based digital signage solution.

 SignageTube lets companies and organizations manage their own digital signage by uploading simple PowerPoint presentations to their cloud-based service.. The service then automatically turns the presentations into digital signage videos and provides a powerful, yet simple to use online playlist and scheduling interface along with robust reporting.

 No specialized hardware is required. Regular televisions or computer monitors can be used and the digital signage players run on nearly any Windows, Android or iOS device.

 SignageTube can be accessed at

 PresentationPoint GCV was founded in 1998 and their clients include NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, Samsung, Sony, Ikea, and many other leading global companies. Find out more about PresentationPoint at

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