CIX23 Digital Signage Day Lineup – Complimentary Registration

Join DSF on September 7 in Denver for Digital Signage Day which concludes with the DSF Mix & Mingle.

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Digital Signage Day Lineup – Room 102 at the Colorado Convention Center

Foundations of Digital Signage
9:00 AMA strong foundation is critical for supporting your growing knowledge of digital signage. In this course, you will get a broad overview of the basics of digital signage. What is digital signage? How is it used? Where do I put my displays? How do know if my deployment is effective? Who do I need on my team? How do I get content on my screens and set a schedule? You’ll be introduced to these topics and more before moving on to deeper dives in the other courses.
Fundamentals of Planning10:00 AMIf you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This adage is particularly true in context to digital signage. This course helps the user better articulate the reasoning behind a projectand helps frame the much needed commitment by signage operators in relation to goal and objective setting, content planning, sourcing and funding. Establishing realistic and measurable KPIs against audience deliverables is also covered in this session, so the marketing criteria meets the practicalities of how and why a network needs to perform in function of those goals.Cheat sheets are provided to ensure users cover the critical elements of the digital signage planning process.
Choosing the Right Partner11:00 AMDigital signage projects require an array of products and components created or provided by third-party OEMs who manufacture it, or service partners who support and deliver. Selecting the right partners so they are correct fit of your project is critical to successful deployment and support moving forward.
Designing Content12:00 PMDigital signage is only as effective as the information it provides to the audience — as content is clearly King. In this course, you’ll learn what content is and how it is created, and how to evaluate its efficacy and impact. Upon conclusion of this course, you’ll understand what drives digital signage deployments, how to develop a content strategy, the purpose of creative briefs, how to select your creative team, what types of content are available and the process for getting your content produced.
Selecting the Right CMS Platform1:00 PMThe CMS is the heart of the digital signage system. Displays may be the most obvious technology, and media players a consequence of the CMS, but the CMS marks the most critical component that contributes to the success or failure of a digital signage network second only to content and messaging. In this course, you will learn what makes up a CMS, the functions of its various components, how it operates, and we will review how to evaluate and choose a CMS vendor.
Choosing a Display2:00 PMThere are a multitude of display options for digital signage. In this session you’ll learn the types of displays available, pros and cons of different technologies and how to choose the right display type for your project. You will also learn the difference between consumer and commercial grade displays, common display resolutions and how to choose the right display size for your application, environment, venue and viewing distance.
Understanding Profitability in Digital Signage3:00 PMToday, in our industry, we have reached an era of parity as many products and services appear to be the same and of equal value. This is especially true in commercial AV and digital signage, where this has impacted profit margins; it can sometimes appear to be very difficult to maintain high margins in the face of this commoditization. This then begs the question of how to stand out and be profitable in these conditions.
Basics of Installation4:00 PMYou’ve made your plan, chosen the right partner, developed your content strategy, selected the right CMS, chosen your display and selected your media players. This is the final step. This course provides an overview of the entire implementation process for digital signage. Participants will learn about the importance of site surveys, pre-installation decision making, installation, cost reduction strategies and planning for on-going maintenance.
Mix & Mingle5:00 PMJoin the DSF and other digital signage professionals for our day-end Mix and Mingle celebration. Registration is separate from your conference badge. End users and integrators may register for free.