‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday: The University of Guelph x Sony

In this week’s ‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday 🤩, the Digital Signage Federation would like to highlight a display by Sony for the University of Guelph !

“The University of Guelph has always been a hub of academic excellence, and its classrooms buzz with discussions and debates. With the advent of new beamforming innovations coupled with the need to broadcast classroom activities to remote participants, the University of Guelph turned to advanced technology to provide the same quality of education toall of its students.” 📚

“…One of the technological innovations that has made a significant impact in the classrooms is Sony’s MAS-A100 beamforming microphone. This microphone is installed in several of the university’s meeting rooms, spaces and classrooms, four of which have six microphones connected to a BIAMP TesiraFORTE Dante DSP where there is more than one device…”

The MAS-A100 is an advanced technology that is perfectly suited for the classrooms at the University of Guelph. These microphones are designed to pick up sound from a particular direction, while eliminating the noise from the surrounding environment…”


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