Commercial Integrator Focuses on the State of Digital Signage

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With so many changes in how digital signage systems have been utilized through the COVID-19 pandemic, we look at the past and future of digital signage and video walls to understand the state of these systems today.

THE STATE OF digital signage and video walls doesn’t typically change radically from year to year. Implementation of these technologies has steadily grown, while higher resolutions and further monitoring and management capabilities have been introduced.

Video wall designs have become more intricate and unique. All in all, though, digital signage and video walls have been used for messaging and year a er year continue to be used for such.

As with almost everything in 2020, the past year of digital signage and video walls has not been typical. Digital signage especially has been used as a way to accommodate measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

That’s not happening only in hospitals, but in corporate environments, stadiums and almost everywhere that even a small amount of people gather.

Digital signage has long been capable of more than most organizations use it for.
The technology was there even before the pandemic hit.

However, the necessity for utilization of these capabilities became widespread in 2020, and as such integrators were
able to figuratively flex their muscles to show all that digital signage systems could do.

This year in order to discuss the state of digital signage and video walls we need to expand our purview. We need to look back at the past year to see how digital signage and video walls were utilized while the world changed.

Then we need to look ahead to the coming years to see how that utilization will change digital signage and video wall
implementation for good.

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