Corporate Environments-Forcepoint

This immersive showroom at Forcepoint’s corporate headquarters in Boston utilizes an advanced 4K projection system and custom designed multitouch glass surfaces to support an interactive presentation. Glass panels have programmable e-glass films to allow them to transition between transparent and opaque states, letting projected content spill onto floors and ceilings, or to be specifically mapped to the confines of the interactive planes – enabling individual interactive scenarios.


Forcepoint, a global cybersecurities leader, opened a new 53,000 sqft Cyber Experience Center, to serve as a cyber innovation and development center in response to the accelerated demand for human- centric security worldwide. Located in the Boston Seaport Innovation District, the new Cyber Experience Center is a major step in further establishing Forcepoint as a trusted cybersecurity partner sought after by large enterprises and global governmental organizations to enable their future.


As a design-build undertaking, the project required an extensive design and mock-up process between DCL and the Gensler DXD team. Custom glass panels had HD and 4K projection zones with high resolution interactive zones enabled by lidar scanners. 4K content was suspended within each panel and edge-blended on all sides to merge with the surrounding content. This way the small font sizes required to support the dynamic user interface. DCL engineered a custom mounting system that combined 5 different counter measures for isolating vibration from the projectors. Months of testing was done to select the best projectors, glass, and e-glass solutions that would to support the project’s design tolerances and performance criteria. A single content management system needed to orchestrate and control 6 interactive multitouch zones, seven 4K projectors, six HD projectors, multiple sensing and scanning technologies, multizoned sound system, while interfacing with the building’s lighting, fire, and safety systems.


Waterjet cut and polished 5/8″ thick low iron glass was used to create the 6 floating projection panes. Each of the panels had handcut eglass film applied and mounting holes created for the brackets. Proximity sensors were installed at each pane so that the panels would automatically transition from clear to a translucent state when a user approaches. A pair of both Panasonic 4K and HD laser projectors were installed behind each of the panels and lens shifting allowed precise alignment of each projector. The projectors were positioned to float in the center so that it could support close proximity viewing, small legible font sizes, and a high-quality image area for interactive programming. Hokuyo lidar scanners were installed above each display area to scan the glass and create multitouch interactive zones. The entire system is managed through an integrated content delivery system that controls content, interactivity, lighting, and sound.


The strategic, complex integration of environment and technologies is a seamless experience to those in the space. The glass panels seem to engage with viewers as they approach, transitioning between opaque and transparent – to bringing a personal experience with interactive content into view. “The new Forcepoint Cyber Experience Center will put on display Forcepoint’s unique behavior-centric approach to solve customers’ most complex security issues as they race towards digital transformation. It is the first-of-its-kind to provide an immersive experience for customers to truly understand today’s evolving threat landscape through the lens of their specific business challenges.”

Nominating Company- DCL (Design Communications Ltd.)
Name- Forcepoint