Finance Strategy Report for QSR Digital

New Report from Insight Financial Services

As the restaurant industry continues to change, evolve, and emerge from the recent years of serious hardship, many are moving toward the fast, casual dining model. By now, most are familiar with fast casual the experience – a variety of beloved higher quality standard menu items along with evolving additional seasonal choices, followed by a swift ordering process (sometimes unattended), with sit down or take away options, but little to no table service.

According to industry reports, the quick service restaurant market is expected to reach $209.1 billion by 2027. For those looking to launch or evolve into fast casual dining, there is a lot to consider. Beyond the food, location, and staffing, the technology needed for quick service dining is substantial. Going digital is a must, but cutting edge, new technology can be a challenge because it is expensive. Fast casual restaurants will need to establish a financing strategy that creates a predictable budget and sustainable program for all the latest technology, upgrades, and accessories.

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