The Ultimate Personal Customer Experience

Technological innovation does not stop at the manufacturing plant; it has also moved into sales and marketing. And Volvo, as always, is taking it some steps further. Volvo has teamed up with YCD Multimedia in order to provide the ultimate personal customer experience.  The purpose of this project, the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE), is to create an integrative environment that will include both physical and digital presentation throughout all the service areas. In this way, Volvo plans to emphasize branding and innovation in the showrooms, where customers meet the company.


  • A scalable digital signage solution that can expand in accordance with changing needs;
  • A central content management hub for real-time content creation, approval and dissemination;
  • Optimization of advertising space; not only it is possible to control either a single screen or design a multi-screen wall layouts, but you can personalize each screen for specific customers, regions, seasons, (even local weather) etc. using various variables.
  • Uniquely immersive video walls for providing informational, promotional and interactive content in a way designed to turn any chance encounter into a returning customer.

People-Centered Values & Cutting-Edge Technologies
The Volvo Retail Experience will display the company’s “people-centered” values in conjunction with its cutting edge technologies, by using YCD Multimedia’s state-of-the-art digital signage management platform, Cnario Software.

Volvo chose YCD’s Cnario not only because it is innovative, but also because it is a future-proof product; therefore, it integrates seamlessly with Volvo’s future-facing philosophy.

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