Digital Signage Integrates Community at First-Ever Microsoft Flagship Store


“Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” Microsoft’s mission statement demonstrates their desire to bring people together and help them to do more. A global leader in technology, Microsoft prides themselves on offering best-in-class performance and platforms. With a product lineup that focuses on engaging users and immersing them in the Microsoft cloud-first world, customer interaction is a top priority. When opening their first-ever flagship store on bustling 5th Avenue in New York City, Microsoft needed a way to attract busy shoppers and entice them to join the experience. YCD was able to offer the perfect solution for their hectic Manhattan location.

YCD Multimedia, working with their content partner Synect Media, provided a digital signage solution that managed to make a major impact in one of the most-visited cities in the world. Located just blocks from Apple’s famous “cube” store, Microsoft opened their largest facility yet featuring five floors, a glass facade and over 22,000 square feet. YCD Multimedia previously delivered digital signage solutions for Microsoft retail stores. When opening the flagship store, Microsoft trusted YCD to enhance the immersive experience even further and attract customers to get involved with the products. Using Cnario Digital Signage Suite, YCD presented media solutions that were successfully able to integrate the community and engage them in the Microsoft brand better than ever before. Microsoft’s goal was to engage shoppers so that rather than just strolling through the store, they would spend time with the hardware and have a hands-on experience. Immersive video walls and an over-sized “culture” wall were installed throughout the sprawling location. Cnario Digital Signage Suite was used to seamlessly stream content on several high-definition video walls. These walls featured videos, images and information and gave shoppers the ability to play Xbox and be surrounded by directional sound – totally immersed in the game. The 3rd floor theater used its own large plasma touch screen video wall, which runs Windows for training sessions.

In addition to the video walls, a massive two-story “culture” wall was constructed. The focal point of the store was designed to capture the attention of shoppers with digital imagery. Not only did it captivate visitors, it gave Microsoft a reputation as an integral member of the New York City community. The “culture” wall never displays advertisements, instead it fills with digital art and other non-commercial content which complements the architectural facade. Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, David Porter, praised the video wall saying, “As our first flagship store, it will serve as the centerpiece of our Microsoft Stores experience, this is a goal we’ve had since day one—we were only waiting for the right location. And now we have it.” Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled Microsoft to integrate the community and immerse its visitors in a unique, hands-on experience like no other.

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