D=SIGN Conference at InfoComm 2023 Features DSF Speakers

After a successful Meet ‘n Mingle event in Toronto last month, the Digital Signage Federation continues its focus on education and thought leadership when it hosts the D=Sign Conference in partnership with AVIXA at InfoComm 2023. D=Sign will explore various topics in digital signage from trends in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) to the next generation of future-proof CMS solutions. The educational conference will also take a look at emerging trends in growing verticals, like arenas & stadiums, hybrid workplaces, and retail. The day’s sessions will feature a carefully curated lineup of notable speakers drawn in part from the DSF’s Speakers Bureau.

“The Speakers Bureau is fundamental to how our Members experience both basic and more advanced education – as its role is sourcing experienced talent to bring to life the subject matter, issues, and topics of importance to the digital signage community,” said Beth Warren, SVP of Marketing for Creative Realities and DSF Board Executive Committee Member.

The Speaker’s Bureau was formed to meet the growing need to provide ongoing education and thought leadership to DSF members and other constituencies via webinars and live courses at expos and other events.

“What the Bureau helps the DSF bring to our membership and the digital signage ecosystem at large is a rich, fertile repository of topics, subjects, and experts who – either alone or in contribution/collaboration with others – can bring a topic to life in a way that is multi-dimensional, non-biased, agnostic, and end-user focused,” said Bryan Meszaros, CEO & Founder of OpenEye Global and DSF Board Member. “

The Speakers Bureau is open to subject matter experts (SME) from companies in the Gold, Platinum and Sponsor Membership Tiers. Being a member of the bureau provides SME exposure within their given area of expertise, but it also helps to grow the entire digital signage ecosystem.

“We pull from our digital signage community as well as from those outside our community who might have insight into trends and topics that impact or inform the work we do as digital signage professionals,” said Michelle Montazeri,  Manager, Digital Signage at Legrand AV and DSF Board Member. “The Speakers don’t simply take topics that we give them in verbatim, instead they co-create the narrative – so it truly captures both the magic and meaning of the issue in a way that is totally credible, relevant, and through the prism of multi-audience impact.”

Through the bureau the DSF isn’t just looking to educate members, it’s also looking to harness emerging talent and make room for new voices. “We’re continually seeking out and cultivating thought leaders who can challenge conventional thinking, show us new ways of problem solving, or providing alternative use cases that will help raise the bar and give us something of value that we might not have otherwise been exposed to,” added Meszaros.

The D=SIGN Lineup, June 11-16, 2023 at InfoComm

  • June 11: Digital Signage Certified Experts (DSCE);
  • June 12: Digital Content Media Expert (DCME);
  • June 13: D=SIGN featuring content management systems, higher education, mobile integration, and network refresh topics;
  • June 14: D=SIGN featuring introductory, QSR, large-format displays, stadium, display calibration, and retail topics; supported by DSF Office Hours and floor tour;
  • June 15: D=SIGN featuring connectivity, retail, higher education, display technology, and corporate topics; supported by DSF Office Hours and floor tour; and
  • June 16: DSF Office Hours.

By populating the Speakers Bureau with thought leaders who are able to critique, compliment, assess and explore topics of importance to the ecosystem, the DSF is able to channel back the stories, use cases, experiences, and lessons that can help inspire and educate the ecosystem in practice, not just in theory. “The Speakers Bureau is the portal to minds that matter and bringing those messages to our community and beyond,” said Warren.

The D=Sign Conference will feature members of the Speakers Bureau as well as speakers from the prominent organizations like the Dallas Cowboys, Noodles & Co., The University of Florida, and Google. For more information, or to register, visit https://www.infocommshow.org/event-info/digital-signage