Member Highlight – Telecine

What does your company do?
Telecine offers digital signage content services to various end-users, providing a range of options compatible with multiple content management systems. Our services encompass video production, content subscriptions, and custom-made digital signage content. Our primary objective is to deliver content that aligns with their clients’ organizational goals. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific objectives and create engaging content that effectively communicates the desired message. Whether it’s promoting products, enhancing brand awareness, or delivering relevant information, we aim to meet their clients’ goals by providing tailored digital signage solutions.

What’s next for your company/the industry?

More relevant and timely content. We see tremendous value in offering hyper-local content. People want to know more about what is relevant to them rather than digital wallpaper. Also, with the rise of AI technology, there is a huge interest for us to integrate these technologies into our creation process. These tools can be used to create unique graphics on the fly, streamline the production process, and enhance backend scheduling with little user intervention.
Why did you join the DSF?

We were looking for a mechanism to get more involved in the digital signage industry, and the DSF was the right fit. Our goal is to continue to help educate the industry and end-users on the importance of digital signage content to drive projects. We are also looking for partners to leverage our content creation skillset so we can offer bundled offerings to end-users.

How may fellow DSF members reach you?
Justin Lachovsky