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Originally posted  on 14 Apr 2014

Objective of Project:

One of the biggest mall chains in the world, boasting both the largest and second largest malls on earth, wanted to uplift the look of six large malls in the Philippines through high-end digital signage deployments. The malls had been using players on screen, but found this limited the number of screens to which they were able to deploy, due to the cost of player equipment, software licenses, as well as operations and management.

The Challenge:

For every content source, there was to be between 4 and 14 screens and all screen clusters had to be synchronized. The malls had huge floor spans and the system had to be able to narrowcast over long distances. Prestige e-Media, the largest digital advertising company in the Philippines approached systems integrator, BrightBox, for a solution. BrightBox suggested deploying digital signage distribution systems that would significantly help lower costs by drastically reducing the number of players and player software needed. After testing many systems, BrightBox selected Minicom’s DS Vision 3000 because it was capable of narrowcasting to dozens of screens up to 600m away with no signal loss.

Project Outcome:
In all, eight DS Vision 3000 systems were deployed to broadcast to eight separate screen clusters. DS Vision 3000 over shielded CAT6 cable enabled BrightBox to design screen clusters over cable runs of close to 300m while ensuring high quality video and stereo audio. It also allowed controlling the screens remotely via RS-232 simplifying both operations and management. The distribution technology used the more cost efficient one sources for a cluster of screens. The Minicom solution even allowed BrightBox to seamlessly blend in with the mall’s recommended implementation using the
embedded equipment.


The Benefits:
Before, every player on screen had to be turned on and synchronized. Now BrightBox, which manages the system, only needs to get the source PC on line to the Network Manager, located in their offices, to operate and manage the entire system. The solution has a big impact on the malls’ announcements and promos, as these are now dynamically displayed in real time. It also provided customers with better access to information, and enhanced their overall mall experience.


Kramer Electronics:
David Haar