BP Gas Station – Kramer Electronics

Originally posted on 14 Apr 2014

Objective of Project:

BP is a global gasoline provider with hundreds of thousands of gas pumps. It is one of the ten biggest corporations in the world. The challenge was to install video screens at the pumps This would allow the energy company to capitalize on their captive audience by delivering real-time information including news, promotions, and advertising.

Project Outcome:
Minicom’s CAT5 based Video DIsplay System (VDS) is a hardware system that converts video signals and distributes them via CAT5 cable. This was installed in conjuction with the IP Control which allows web-based access and management of remote players. This remote access allows the content to be centrally monitored in real-time. Low density CAT5 cabling makes it possible to extend displays up to 100M/360ft away from the player. This protects the hardware from potential damage, vandalism, and theft. In an industry where price is the main differentiator, Point-of-Sale marketing helps the client drastically stand out from the competition and as a result, increase its market share.

The multimedia content is refreshed and updated at frequent intervals, preventing it from becoming out of date. The system requires minimal supervision and maintenance. The energy company is able to take advantage of this extra interaction with its end users which in turn leads to increased customer loyalty.

Brian Gorg

Brian Gorg is the Executive Director of the DSF