FUD — Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

This is an article published in rAVe Publications by DSF Committee Member, Michael Katz of Zignage.

I thought this general term, “FUD,” used in two different connotations would be highly relevant and appropriate to many people (domestic and international), especially within the past year. I want to point out that I am not in the medical field and that these are my own opinions based on my professional (well over 30 years) and personal (well over 30 years) experiences.

Professional Lessons

Many years ago, I first heard of and experienced this tactic during my 10-year sales career in data storage (hard drive/RAID systems) and backup (CD/tape). I competed with several significantly larger manufacturers whose sales teams would use various tactics to cause FUD among their potential clients since I was still competing with these vendors. For example, my clients would hear, “No one ever got fired for buying IBM, EMC, etc.” So, to be successful, I had to learn to adopt and/or create new strategies to address and help my clients overcome their perception of FUD.

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