How do I trigger content to many players fast?

DSF Member Signagelive has written this article about how to trigger content to many players quickly.

There are many situations where you need to change the content that is being shown on your digital signage display or displays, immediately, without needing to log in to your CMS and schedule new content. 

You may need to show a Health and Safety video to a visitor to your office, assist a customer by showing them additional product information and pricing, or trigger an alert to inform everyone in your building that the alarm test has begun.

In addition, you may wish to allow members of your team to trigger the content without them requiring access to your CMS.

So how do you deliver a solution that meets these requirements?

The answer is Web Triggers!

We’ve spoken about Web Triggers before in previous articles but now, it’s as simple as adding it to your network and giving the users access. 

Web Triggers allows you to create groups of players that you want to trigger and choose your button style and wording of choice. The end result is a simple on-click experience that could affect one to thousands of players depending on your needs.

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