How do I change my Digital Signage software platform?

Submitted by DSF Member, Signagelive

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Best Practice For Changing Your Digital Signage System

Looking to change your digital signage software? Where do you start?

Knowing how to choose the right Content Management System (CMS) is going to make the difference between an easy to use, well managed digital signage experience or an over complicated and time consuming one. This blog covers the many different elements you should consider including what hardware is best suited to your environment, how to manage your digital signage software users & ensuring you have the required features at your disposal.

Picking the right CMS has everything to do with understanding what you need in advance. 

Advancements in technology means there is a wide range of digital signage software companies to choose from, some of which are tailored to specific verticals, such as Education, Retail or Digital Out of Home Advertising, some of which offer an enterprise solution that is easy to use, scaleable and has open APIs enabling you build your own experiences and customise your solution to your liking.

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