What are the top 10 Digital Signage apps to use on your platform?

Submitted by DSF Member, Signagelive

What are the top 10 Digital Signage apps to use on your platform? [+VIDEO]

The top apps being used on Signagelive today

Creating content for your digital signage can be overwhelming. Unless you have an arts degree and an expensive software solution, you could find that you’re running old content pretty quickly. 

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Luckily there are hundreds of apps that can alleviate some of that pain and take the heavy lifting out of creating your content. Apps like YouTube, News and Infotainment apps already have the design work done and just leaves you with the simple task of picking which one works best for you.

We’ve taken a dig into our App store to look at what apps are being used the most by our users. 

Here’s our top 10!

Number 10 – Room Booking

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When are we meeting and where?

With the built-in Room Booking app, each location can display current and upcoming meetings. With the right hardware, these can also be interacted with on location. This gives users the ability to book meetings immediately or for a future date. The Room Booking app gives you the ability to connect to either Google Calendar or Office 365. 

Perfect for: Commercial locations, Schools or Event locations who are looking to manage their meeting spaces.

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