SignStix® and Selectronic introduce new digital shelf edge solution to retail market

Digital engagement platform, SignStix®, is pleased to introduce a new digital shelf edge proposition to its existing solutions portfolio, thanks to a recent collaboration with optoelectronics specialist, Selectronic.

Officially known as ‘Edge by Selectronic,’ the solution fuses Selectronic’s slick digital shelf edge screens with SignStix®’s award-winning cloud-based platform for global content delivery.

Ideal for retail POS applications, the solution allows retailers to easily deliver promotional campaigns to product shelves and key merchandising areas. Although shelf edge labels are typically used for displaying pricing information and one-time promotions, Edge by Selectronic gives retailers the power to directly influence in-store purchases with loyalty card incentives, online reviews, dynamic pricing and offers and much more.


Using the SignStix® platform, retailers can switch between promotional campaigns within a matter of seconds and deploy new content to any shelf, to any store, anywhere in the world.


“Edge by Selectronic is a real game-changer. It opens up a range of opportunities that may have previously been too difficult or expensive to implement,” said Nick Fearnley, SignStix® CEO.


“We’ve been able to adapt the SignStix® player software to enable up to 7 individual shelf-edge screens to act as one canvas. Using the existing, award-winning Creator and Director tools from SignStix®, any retailer can quickly develop really engaging shelf edge promotions without the need to produce video or manage complex software.


“Not only can we better engage customers this way, we can better manage picking/re-stocking, as SignStix® enables the switch from promotion to ‘merchandising’ mode when required. This technology should change both the customer experience and the store colleague and operational experience.”


“It’s been a pleasure to work with Selectronic on this specific innovation, and we’re excited to be able to introduce this to the retail market,” Nick concluded.


Driving digital campaigns to product shelves can also maximise the reach of influencer marketing campaigns, explains Aneysha Wakelin, Head of Marketing at SignStix®.


“For retail brands investing in influencer marketing, digital shelf edge displays allow retailers to bring influencer campaigns to the fore, right at the point of sale, helping to aid the customer decision making process and ultimately increase sales.


“According to industry studies, influencer marketing is the fastest growing channel for customer acquisition and nearly 50% of people rely on recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions. Retailers have an opportunity to really capitalise on this by delivering trusted influencer reviews and recommendations straight to the eyes of shoppers as they’re browsing items in the store.”


SignStix® has also gone one step further to provide store managers with the ability to effortlessly takeover in-store content from their smartphones. The SignStix® Commander application can be integrated with Edge to allow store managers to switch between pre-approved promotional campaigns.


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SignStix® is a multi-award-winning digital engagement platform, designed to deliver engaging content to any digital display or device. Built from the ground up, it is a user-friendly web-based tool for creating, managing and deploying digital content, video and interactive applications with ease. It is used by some of the world’s leading retail brands, corporates and Fortune 500 companies to build innovative digital experiences and attention-grabbing displays.


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About Selectronic

Selectronic specialises in the design, development and consistent supply of optoelectronics – primarily electronic display products. We do not just focus on the technology though. We pride ourselves on offering a human touch, bringing together our customer requirements with the very best innovation to achieve the optimal product, whether it be key dashboard display for a new high end vehicle or the most basic LED on a consumable device. We look to combine excellent customer service and key expertise both within Selectronic, and within our strategic suppliers, to secure the best final product.