Why DOOH Global Council makes sense for the DSF right now

Last week, the Digital Signage Federation announced the establishment of the Digital Signage Federation Global Digital Out-of-Home Council, an affiliate organization created specifically to support companies at the intersection of DOOH and the digital signage industry.

The primary objectives of the DSF Global DOOH Council are to provide a resource for DSF members and build their capacity to support DOOH advertising companies, agencies and brands.

“We wanted to figure out how we could deliver more to our members and to the industry as a whole. We saw a glaring need within the DOOH Area,” said Rich Ventura, VP of Business Development and Solutions for NEC and DSF Chair, during the announcement in Las Vegas.

Ventura added that the council’s initial goals are standardization, education, collaboration and networking with a focus on the entire market.

“We want to be holistic,” he said.

Why DSF?

DSF board members noted during the press conference that DOOH is a natural fit for DSF, as 30 to 40 percent of DSF members support the DOOH space, and DOOH providers are DSF members.

“They’re asking for something like this,” Ventura said.

“If you look at the overall market, there’s so much confusion. DOOH is such a grey area. We need to look at defining what DOOH is,” he added. “DSF is in the perfect position to define that. We’re about growing the industry, connecting people and making sure it’s successful.”

How will this ‘change the world?’

When asked how the new Council will “change the world,” Ventura said he hopes it will define standards and lay out the definition of this industry.

“Growth in the industry will accelerate ad spend. When we figure out where DOOH fits in the ecosystem, it will make media buy frictionless,” he said. “Too many networks are trying to do it on their own. They need support.”

Why now?

Ventura said the timing is right for the Council, as many larger DSF members have been driving discussions about DOOH.

“They didn’t understand where DOOH fit within the industry,” he said.

The goal is to grow the DSF from the current 350 members to 800, with about 300 of those in the DOOH space.

What next?

This year, the 15-person Council will focus on developing a plan and getting the word out and getting goals aligned. Next year, members will focus on hosting more events, such as board meet and greets, online hangouts specifically targeted for the DOOH space and more.

European appointments will be made in May at London’s Digital Signage Week. In the meantime, Sheldon Silverman, CEO and Founder of SmartBomb Media Group, is leading the North American group.

More information, including current Council representatives, is available online. All Council activities will be posted regularly on the DSF website.

Times Square photo courtesy of Wikimedia.