NEC Display Debuts Analytics Platform to Enhance the Retail Customer Experience

New business intelligence solution provides retailers with real-time insights to engage customers and drive revenue

DSF Member NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., a leading provider of commercial-grade digital signage solutions, today announced the launch of NEC ALP, a powerful business intelligence analytics platform for retailers that delivers real-time content and data measurement. The NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP) combines the company’s advanced video analytics with its digital signage expertise to make retailers smarter through big data, content matching, and delivering relevant, impactful content to customers. NEC ALP was unveiled at the 25th annual NEC Display New York Partner Showcase, taking place here this week.

“With NEC ALP, we’re giving retailers the ability to provide customers with a personalized experience through real-time, relevant content triggered by demographic data such as age and location,” said Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategy, NEC Display Solutions of America. “This also provides retailers with valuable insights on the impact their content has, creating more opportunities for consumer engagement, which is invaluable to growing their business. With NEC ALP, we’re helping retailers deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.”

NEC Display developed a completely new back-end architecture for the NEC ALP business intelligence platform that uses both edge and cloud computing to deliver real-time insights.

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Brian Gorg

Brian Gorg is the Executive Director of the DSF