DSF Memberships Extended Until September

The DSF Board of Directors authorized the extension of all company memberships which expire on or after March 1, 2020 to September 1, 2020.  This is intended to help companies which may not be able to process renewal applications during the current pandemic.

The extension also extends the benefits of membership to all these companies and their employees through September 1.  One of the major DSF member benefits is access to education and certification.  This summer is a great time to invest in your professional development using these resources.

Summer School

DSF Education and Micro-Credentials

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The DSF Education Committee has put together a strong online educational program of 30+ courses and encourages all members to take full advantage of these online programs this summer.  These courses are aligned to a set of micro-credentials received upon completion.  All DSF member companies receive one complimentary license for an employee to take the courses which are arranged in 4 separate learning plans.


– The Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) offers 4 certifications.  DSF Members receive two licenses to the flagship Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE) program.

Please use the links above to register for or access these educational programs.


The DSF also offers educational discounts to the DSE 2020 show on September 15-18, 2020.  Registration for hall and education passes has reopened.  DSF members receive up to 25% off of the educational packages.

LAVNCH Week 2.0 – Digital Signage Day on June 26





Join DSF and rAVe for Digital Signage Day

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DSF is proud to partner with THE rAVe Agency on its second all-digital event, #LAVNCHweek!

Register below to join us on June 26 to see the latest solutions from leading digital signage manufacturers, hear from leading experts in the field, and to earn 20+ AVIXA CTS RU throughout the week.


LAVNCH WEEK is a platform where you can learn more about the newest technologies, trends and topics impacting our industry. The five-day virtual event will draw crowds of AV and IT professionals with quality, CTS-RU-approved educational sessions, providing them with an opportunity to hear from experts on new technologies and trends, as well as supporting virtual networking through the online community.

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Digital Signage Day | June 26

If you’re in the digital signage market or want to be in the digital signage market — a huge portion of the AV industry with even more huge growth potential — Digital Signage Day is the day for you. On Digital Signage Day, our presenters will talk status and trends of the digital signage and media industries related to AV integration. They’ll dig into current challenges and potential opportunities post-coronavirus and for the future.

Learn more and register for Digital Signage Day →



Industry veteran and executive member of the Digital Signage Federation Laura Davis-Taylor will be leading this keynote.


LAVNCH and Learn

Dane L Oldridge of IOTG will be leading an informative sesssion about the latest technology and trends in the digital signage industry.


Panel Discussion

The Digital Signage Day panel session is called: “A Panel from the Trenches: Theories, Realities and Future Forecasts.”

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COVID-19 Preparedness at DSE

DSE has released information about precautions and preparedness for the September 15-18, 2020 show in Las Vegas.  The DSF is the official trade association sponsor of the DSE.

Read the Statement and the FAQs here

Working in partnership with the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), a state-run facility with advanced practices and procedures on how to maintain a safe and secure trade show environment, DSE 2020 will be a safe and controlled environment where exhibitors and attendees can interact.  For more information regarding the Safety Policies and Procedures direct from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, go to www.lvcva.com/covid-19-resources.

About DSE 2020
Because of the COVID-19 crisis DSE 2020 has been rescheduled for September 15-18, 2020.  The show floor will be open September 16-17.
Hall pass registration is now available.  Registrants who previously registered will be automatically carried over to the reschedule event.

LAVNCH Week 2.0

Are you ready to bring #LAVNCHweek back? We are supporting rAVe [PUBS] and Zoom Video Communications during #LAVNCHweek 2.0 from June 22-26.

Digital Signage Day is June 26.

Register to save your spot, and be a part of the event you don’t want to miss: ​https://rave.pub/3gudPmV

The themed days for LAVNCHweek 2.0 are:

  • UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration) Day
  • ProAV Day
  • New Tech LAVNCH Day
  • Ed Tech Day- Only for those with an educational email address
  • Digital Signage Day


Back to Business: How Digital Signage Can Play a Role in Getting Business Going After COVID

Back to Business: How Digital Signage Can Play a Role in Getting Business Going After COVID

Digital signage has a critically important role in the ‘getting back to business’ ecosystem, and a previous session run by ACE enlightened us all on the things to think about regarding privacy and using technology for health, occupancy and safety monitoring.

Digital signage applications have a role in helping businesses prepare for people returning safely to spaces.  What does that mean for you?  How can your company use these technologies to build a sphere of confidence?  How can digital signage providers support customers with solutions they are going to need?



How a Worldwide Pandemic Re-shapes Digital Signage Trends

From time to time the DSF publishes articles by members about trends in our industry.  This article has been written by Aferdita Qesku, Director of Sales at Signagelive and was originally published by Dave Haynes at 16:9


“Fast forward five months into 2020 and the landscape of not just the AV industry but almost all others has changed in a way few people other than epidemiologists could have imagined”
When I originally wrote an earlier blog (December 2019)  titled: 2019 Analysis and the Top 3 2020 digital signage trends for Invidis Consulting little did I (or any of us really) know how things would go on to be impacted so widely for the remainder of the year.

On face value, surely this virus cannot change so drastically how so many industries operate, could it?

It was just another form of a cold or flu, wasn’t it?

Most people at ISE thought so and for our industry that was one of the last shows to take place – impacted by absences for sure, but it took place at least. This mentality, these thoughts were mirrored in some way shape or form in each and every country impacted by this pandemic.

Fast forward five months into 2020 and the landscape of not just the AV industry but almost all others has changed in a way few people other than epidemiologists could have imagined. Well actually, slightly untrue, it’s been imagined and talked about plenty of times, Bill Gates TED talk on pandemics, in feature films and many other forums. But nobody was ready. Indeed the next feature movie to follow Contagion, Outbreak and countless others will again have the ‘society wasn’t ready’ theme running through it. I definitely want to be around to see who plays Trump (maybe he will, and do a cameo appearance… remember Home Alone?)

Read more

DSF Online Education Video

The DSF online education program has been developed by-members and for-members. This video briefly describes the program and its benefits and offers suggestions for how you can contribute to education in our industry.  Thanks to former Education Committee Chair Ryan Cahoy for his work on this video.

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Pearl Media’s Art Director Trades Digital for Needle & Thread Sews Masks for New Jersey Health Care Workers

(Montclair, New Jersey) By day Jose Suriel is Pearl Media’s Art Director, superbly handling a varied potpourri of creative tasks.  But when he has free time, he grabs a needle and thread and sews. “I’ve been sewing for about eight years now. I taught myself how to sew when I bought my first sewing machine back in 2012,” said Suriel from his new WFH station. “I always had a love for fashion and creating, so I decided to give it a try.”

Fast forward and Jose now creates an assortment of fashion accessories – from scarves to bow ties. Add to that tote bags, clutches and throw pillows. He’s even made his own costumes for Mardi Gras and Halloween. “I’ve sold a couple things here and there, especially my scarves and bow ties but it’s mostly a hobby.”

Recently though, Jose has turned his talent toward helping those on the front lines of the war against COVID-19.  “My best friend is a Nurse at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston and she was telling me how there are no masks and I was obviously hearing that all over the news, too. So, I decided why not?”

He had the fabric but needed the elastic bands to complete the masks but everywhere he looked they were sold out.  After an exhaustive search he finally found some on Amazon (where else?) and was able to order them. They arrived earlier this week, allowing him to begin work. He plans on making as many as he can, in order to donate them to the hospital. “It’s going to take me a while since it’s just me, but I wanted to help out as much as I can.”

The Pearl Media family is proud of but not surprised by Jose’s selfless act of kindness during this time of tremendous need. “Jose has always been a supporter of local businesses, restaurants and first responders,” said Daniel Odham, SVP for Production. “His kindness is without measure, whether he’s working for Pearl Media or working for the friends and family in his community.” Added Chief Operating Officer Jen Almeida, “I’ve worked with him for more years than I can count now, so it’s no surprise to me that he’s using his talents for good as those talents are rivaled only by his kindness. Plus, he has quite an eye for fashion. As you can see, his masks are as functional as they are fashionable!”

Here’s hoping the first responders who receive them wear them in good health.

About Pearl Media
Pearl Media develops, manages and sells unique marketing and digital media opportunities. Working with best in class real estate assets, Pearl digitizes urban core mixed use commercial space, transit centers and transit adjacent properties in top markets with premium place-based digital signage networks. We target and transform premium large format static properties and vacant storefronts into best-in-market out-of-home advertising opportunities. At Pearl we leverage all of our creative and technical disciplines to provide an all-encompassing 360-degree platform that enhances a real estate asset’s persona allowing brands to engage with consumers in meaningful ways where they work, shop, live and play through digital signage, experiential activation spaces and sponsorship opportunities.

Daily News Recap

We will be providing industry news through our official news feed, Digital Signage Pulse.  A feed may be found on the DSF site and we will updated this space with picks from Digital Signage Pulse.


Highlights from today – Selection of highlighted articles

  1. DSF Member 22Miles offers free mobile way finding app to health care during crisis
  2. Queen’s message appears on DOOH in London
  3. Geopath releases updated data
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DSF Collaborates with Advocates for Connected Experiences

In December 2019 the DSF Board of Directors approved support for a concept called Advocates for Connected Experiences (ACE).  The purpose of ACE is to be a forum for sharing among associations in the digital signage, digital experience, and out-of-home industries.  This sharing is intended to help associations which represent similar groups of constituents to find common language and accepted practices.  The collaborative environment is also intended to facilitate cross-education of partner constituencies by helping each other discover knowledge and professional development resources offered their respective groups.

ACE’s first collaborative project is to post COVID 19 public service announcement (PSA) content which may be used publicly under the creators’ use policies.  Other collaboration will occur and the DSF anticipates an operating agreement to be approved by ACE partners this spring.  ACE is only open to associations, not individual companies.

Read More About ACE