New York City Mixer

Join us for an evening of networking!

Wednesday, July 17, from 5:00-7:00 pm.

Drinks and light hors d’oeuvres will be served. RSVPs are limited to 60 people.


Free for members, end users and integrator company attendees; $10 for non-member vendors


C&G Partners, 116 E 16th St, FL 10, New York, NY 10003

DSF Toronto Event a Success

Menu boards, kiosks, and interactive customer experiences were the topics for the Digital Dining breakfast event in Toronto on June 6. Hosted by Samsung, the event of more than 60 people was highlighted by an expert panel who discussed the role technology in the in-restaurant experience.

The presentation was followed by a time for questions and a further discussion about privacy issues. DSF Board Member, Kelly Smith from Capital Networks, led a team of volunteer organizers to plan the event. Here is a picture of the panel:

Presenters included:

  • Solange Bernard –  Senior Manager of Media, CRM & Partnerships, McDonalds Canada
  • Gajen Indrakumaran – Director, Digital Technologies, Aramark
  • Marcos Terenzio – VP Creative & Strategy, iGotcha Media

Thank you to all involved in planning this event.

Catch DSF Board Member Laura Davis-Taylor at InfoComm 2019

We are excited to announce that DSF board member, co-founder of HighStreet Collective Retail and digital signage guru Laura-Davis Taylor will be continuing the popular #DSFLive interview series with rAVe [PUBS] at InfoComm 2019, June 12-14.

Laura will walk the show floor to conduct interviews with exhibitors that have interesting and innovative digital signage products and solutions to help showcase the buzz-worthy booths. Newsflash: THIS ISN’T PAY FOR PLAY! Our only goal is to help tell the story and highlight the most noteworthy digital signage products and solutions at the show.

Interested in submitting your product for consideration? Fill out the survey linked below and Laura will review it and get back to you. All the interviews will be published on our InfoComm 2019 MicroSite and are brought to you by rAVe [NOW], the Digital Signage Federation and of course, Laura Davis-Taylor.

Submit your product here.

Making Learning Interactive with Digital Signage

Authored by Rise Vision- DSF Member

Are libraries really needed? That’s the question James White, M.Ed asked as he stood at the doorway of their large but unused library space.

Marquette Catholic High School Finance Lab

White, who has been President of Marquette Catholic High School for over five years, wasn’t against libraries. On the contrary, he believes that books were essential to learning. What White was really questioning was if libraries were supposed to be about learning, but no one was learning in the space, then was it really the best use of the area?

White began to create a plan to reinvent books and learning at the library. It started with moving the books online. Every student at the school received an iPad, and now had access to thousands of books at their fingertips.

With the books removed, the  open space was used in an innovating way. White understood that students learn best in a hands-on environment. He looked at the space and decided that if his school had a chemistry lab, then why couldn’t it have a finance lab.

The result was nothing short of state of the art. LED tickers draped the walls, and two digital displays showed a large marketwall. The computer lab doubled as finance workstations with the latest simulation software. Each semester, Marquette has about eight business classes in the lab.

The result? It’s in the data: 75% of the students are taught at a college level, and about 70% of the students that take a course in the lab will go into the finance field.

The finance lab has helped the school recruit some of the best educators in the country. While White got some push-back for removing the library, it has now become a hallmark of his school; it shows anyone visiting that Marquette stops at nothing when it comes to investing in their students future.

Read the Full Article from Rise Vision

Digital in Dining, a DSF Toronto Event – June 6, 2019

Register Here

Program Schedule

  • 8:00 – 9:00– Registration and Breakfast
  • 9:00 – 9:50 – Program Presentation
  • 10 am – 11:00 – Optional Connected House tours & Networking

Program – “Digital in Dining”

Menu boards, kiosks, and interactive customer experiences.  Join us for an expert panel to hear about the part these technologies are playing in the in-restaurant experience.  Presenters include:

  • Solange Bernard –  Senior Manager of Media, CRM & Partnerships, McDonalds Canada
  • Gajen Indrakumaran – Director, Digital Technologies, Aramark
  • Marcos Terenzio – VP Creative & Strategy, iGotcha Media

Register Here

For help with registration please contact info@digitalsignagefederation.org.

Video About Digital Signage in Retail Created by Signagelive

Retailers need to be ahead of the game as they are currently facing many challenges from online and discount retailers. DSF Member, Signagelive, has created a video showing how retail digital signage has a major role to play to increase commercial results.

Digital signage can help to provide an effective digital retail strategy. Retailers are investing in omnichannel initiatives to increase sales, improve their market share and improve customer loyalty…. Learn More

Seattle Meet and Greet- May 8

Program Features Discussion on Spheres Project

Join the DSF Board of Directors, past leadership, and industry professionals at this staple DSF event.  The DSF puts on a regional event four times a year in North America for its members.

Our panel will discuss the development of digital experiences within the Amazon Spheres project.  Presenters will include members of the project team:

  • Ed Tang- Technology Director,Belle & Wissell, Co.
  • Keith Sawka- Regional Account Manager, Whitlock
  • Travis Taylor- Technical Operations Manager, Whitlock



6:00-7:00 PM Registration and Networking with appetizers and bar (2 drink tickets/person)

7:00-7:45 PM Presentation about the integration of digital media in the Amazon Spheres project

7:45-8:30 PM Networking and discussion with presenters


$15 for members, end users and integrator company attendees

$25 for non-member vendors


Interviews at DSE 2019 with DSF Members

The DSF conducted numerous interviews with DSF Members during DSE 2019. We found this to be a great way to share with our community what our members are doing and the direction our industry is taking.

36 of the published interviews may be found on our #DSFlive page.