NiceFall Widgets srl – DSF Member Interview

1. What does your company do?




System integration – Lighting Design – Projection mapping – Control systems specialist – realtime 3D development
We work side by side with our clients as consultants and general contractors in order to find the best solution for every digital communication requirement. 
2. What’s next for your company/the industry?



We believe immersive experiences are the future of communication. Thru the use of LED displays, projection mapping and projected AR the customer can live a true life experience.


3. Why did you join the DSF?



We are looking for challenging visual request to satisfy our passion for technology.


4. How may fellow DSF members reach you? Please use your primary public contact.



NiceFall Widgets srl
Part of the Hotminds Group
Via Enrico Fermi 13/A
37135 Verona
+39 3403632994