PCI Express integrates IPTV with Signagelive digital signage platform

Signagelive has announced a new strategic partnership with PCI Express to deliver a solution allowing you to incorporate live TV onto your Signagelive network.
Whether you want to display live TV for breaking news stories, or large sporting events with brand advertising, Easystream by PCI Express and Signagelive are the perfect combination for managing and distributing that content. EasyStream is an IPTV gateway for streaming terrestrial (DVBT) or satellite (DVBS) TV channels over an IP network.
PCI Express can be easily added to your Signagelive platform, just click here to find out more.
It has always been possible to use IPTV on the Signagelive network. However, cost and complicated set up has sometimes meant projects are delayed or do not move forward at all. EasyStream removes these barriers with a cost effective solution and set up support. 
Easystream servers come complete with Signagelive integration as standard. The integration allows you to synchronise playlists containing all your configured Easystream channels with your Signagelive network. This saves time, reduces set up, support time and costs. To find out more click here 

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