SDF Airport – Louisville, Kentucky: Synergy AVE

Originally posted 31 Jan 2012

Objective of the Project:

Synergy AVE was hired as consultants to Design a Digital Signage Network which would be utilized as an Ad Based revenue stream for Corey Airport Services and The Louisville Airport Commission.

Gary W. Hall, President, & Angel Ramos, Vice President of Synergy AVE moved forward with their vision of High Impact in Captive Audience areas. Both parties had previously worked on the design of The Palm Springs, CA, DOOH Network and took their knowledge of those key components and applied it to this new project.

The main objective was to build a DOOH network that advertisers could place different ads in different parts of the airport to reach their target audience.

A key point was to ensure they had happy advertisers who could see their actual data and determine their own ROI on each ad.

Outcome of Project:

The outcome of the Project far exceeded the expectations of all parties. Synergy AVE came in On Budget and On Time on the installation and deployment of the content. They worked with Aaron Taylor of BrightSign on the media players, NEC Displays and Premier Mounts to achieve the desired results.
Corey Airport Services advertising sales are exceeding the previous Company’s numbers by 45% and the visual impact has the Airport Commission talking about adding in additional locations.



Contact Information:
If you would like more information about this project, please contact the Digital Signage Federation at for Synergy AVE’s contact information.