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How did ATMs evolve?

This year is the 50th anniversary of the first ever ATM in the UK. Cash machines have been around since its launch at the Enfield branch of Barclays Bank on 27 June 1967. In the US Chemical Bank installed its first ATM in 1969 in New York.

The original thinking for ATMs was that banks needed to setup branches at the most convenient locations for its customers, even if that was in very remote locations. Creating a new branch had many costs – space, people, electricity, maintenance etc. however, most of the transactions that took place in the branch were taking cash out and checking of balance – so ATMs were introduced.

The phase of cost savings has now passed and the next logical step is looking at ATMs as a strategic location to generate revenue, create effective communication and new leads.

What is a Digital ATM Topper and what can it be used for?

Generate revenue

Technical challenges and high capital and operating costs used to limit deployments of what are generally called “ATM toppers.” But those barriers have been eliminated, and the use of digital ATM toppers above retail cash machines and in the lobbies of banks is growing increasingly common.

Effective communication

Digital ATM toppers are eye-catching and can hold the attention of a viewer far longer than newspaper, radio or TV ads. A digital ATM topper can advertise one product or many and you can be assured that the message is getting to your advertiser’s prospects.

Financial services companies are using digital ATM toppers in a variety of ways. Banks use those customer moments in ATM environments to drive branding messages to build affinity and loyalty with existing customer’s, and conversion among consumers who normally use other banks.

Interactive digital signage can encourage visitors to request a callback to get more information about the offering. Also, digital ATM toppers can keep repeatedly informing visitors about the importance of PIN security, passwords etc.

Create new leads

For independent ATM network operators, which places ATMs in targeted venues e.g. convenience stores, restaurants and bars, hotel lobbies and public spaces, the focus is more on local marketing and third-party advertising to create new leads.

Messaging on screens can range from a local fuel company promoting charcoal or gas refills during the summer barbecue season, to local pubs using available screen time on their ATM to drive that day’s food and beverage specials.

Retailers/Merchants can quickly create and schedule content playlists to promote food products that reflect the time of day e.g. coffee and cake in the afternoon or pizza and beer in the evenings.

A great example of a digital ATM Topper project powered by Signagelive is the Coffman Media solution for International Cash Systems LLC. A purpose-built digital signage solution was designed for their ATMs to encourage impulse purchases in retail stores and quick serve restaurants to increase revenue use of the ATMs and revenue for the venue. The case study including a video can be found here.

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