Advantech Launches UTC-P10 Ultra-Compact 3-in-1 Payment Module for UTC Touch Computers

Irvine, CA, Sep 6th, 2017 – Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing platforms and solutions, is pleased to introduce UTC-P10 – an ultra-compact 3-in-1 payment module for Advantech’s UTC series of all-in-one touch computers. Designed to facilitate smart self-payment applications, UTC-P10 is a stylish modular payment device that integrates three cashless payment interfaces to allow payment with magnetic stripe and EMV® chip cards, as well as diverse contactless (NFC) payment methods, such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Interac, MasterCard MCL, Visa VCPS, American Express ExpressPay, and Discover DPAS. Equipped with both contact and contactless EMV® Level 1 and Level 2 certification, UTC-P10 uses Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) management to ensure transaction security and provide a highly functional, low-cost, reliable payment solution that supports existing payment technologies. The module’s ultra-compact design offers space savings to ensure easy integration and installation, making it suitable for a wide range of retail, hospitality, transport, and self-service environments.

Supports EMV® Payment Technologies with Comprehensive Security Certifications

Advantech’s UTC-P10 payment module integrates the latest innovations in secure mobile payments into an ultra-compact 3-in-1 payment solution. Measuring just 106 x 68.5 x 21.7 mm, UTC-P10 incorporates magnetic stripe, contact EMV® chip, and contactless EMV® payment technologies to facilitate flexible self-payment applications. Certified to ISO 7810 and 7811 standards, the magnetic stripe reader (MSR) interface supports bi-directional reading, AAMVA and JIS I and II data formats, and single-, dual-, and triple-track magnetic heads. This allows the MSR to read up to three tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swiping direction or speed, greatly increasing usability. For reading contact EMV® chip/smart cards, the module features an ICC interface that complies with Contact EMV® Level 1 and Level 2 specifications. Meanwhile, the NFC interface with ISO 14443 Type A and B certification supports ISO 18092 (P2P) mode to facilitate diverse contactless payment technologies, such as MasterCard® MCL (formerly PayPass), Visa payWave/VCPS, Visa IRWIN, Discover® DPAS, American Express® ExpressPay, MiFare®, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay NFC, Android Pay, Google Wallet , and Softcard SmartTap™.

Easily Integrated with Advantech UTC Touch Computers

Designed to be integrated with Advantech’s UTC all-in-one touch computers, the UTC-P10 payment module provides a cost-effective payment gateway that uses standard USB for communication, supports both landscape and portrait mode, and can be easily attached to the main unit for added functionality and applicability. In addition to a built-in buzzer that indicates when a payment device has been read to provide reassurance that transactions have been processed, the module features a universal SDK with full compatibility for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms, greatly simplifying integration and third-party application development.

Advantech’s UTC-P10 payment module combined with UTC touch computers allows retailers, restaurant and hotel owners, and service staff to conveniently and flexibly manage payment transactions for various in-store, point-of-sale, and self-service applications in diverse retail, hospitality, public service, and transport environments.

Key Features

  • Easily integrated with UTC touch computers
  • Contact EMV® Level 1 and Level 2 certification
  • Contactless EMV® Level 1 and Level 2 certification
  • Supports DUKPT management for transaction security
  • Can read up to three tracks of magnetic stripe data
  • Universal SDK for Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Compact design enables installation in limited-space environments
  • Built-in LED indicators and buzzer for audio feedback
  • Accepts all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery) and contactless payment methods (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet)

The UTC-P10 ultra-compact 3-in-1 payment module is available for order now. For more information regarding UTC-P10 or other Advantech products and services, contact your local sales support team or visit our website at
(Product Specifications – .pdf)

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