Smart technology narrows gap in consumer data for retailers

With smart technology, retailers can collect information on consumer behaviors and adjust their strategy accordingly to increase revenue.

By Erica Codey-Rucker | Contributing writer, Retail Customer Experience

“Consumer data is crucial. Consumers, with the availability of smart technology in handheld personal devices, have unprecedented access to product and purchasing information, which makes the competition for their dollars increasingly difficult. It is essential that a business know more about its customer’s desires and spending habits.”

“The use of smart technology in retail environments can increase corporate knowledge of consumer behaviors and simplify the acquisition of important analytic information. Technologies such as informational kiosks and interactive mirror displays, like the MERo, a product offered by interactive digital signage company media mea, are some of the easiest ways to alert a retailer to gaps in consumer data. With these devices and tailored software, businesses can begin to close the gaps by engaging customers in ways that benefit the customers and the business.”

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