We see digital signage as we drive along the road. It’s in the businesses we visit, the petrol station, cinemas, theatres and event venues. The more places we visit, the more we see companies using digital signage.

Have you ever considered adding digital signage to engage your employees? It is a great way to communicate messages and promote inclusion.

For a company looking to change its culture or create one, this is a way to transform and restructure. 

Digital signage best practices include diversity and positive messaging. Consider creating a team to explore ways to use the digital marquess, where they will get located, and how often messages change.

There are various types of displays you can incorporate – visibility, size, and colours are important to encourage engagement. 

Are you considering the installation of digital signage in the workplace? Keep reading to learn ten ways that digital signage can engage, inform and entertain your employees.


When a company decides to implement modern workplace technology, looking to agile practices is key to success. Allow interested and qualified individuals to form a project management team.

The team will outline objectives and explore technology. They will also determine how and when the rollout will take place. Along the process are milestones to measure success. 

An important element is to measure the employees’ response to the digital signage, which is geared to keep them informed. Based on the feedback, the team can tweak the overall process moving forward. 

The response will also determine whether the signage program needs to expand or if you’re using the right devices in the right locations. 

1. Encourage Social Media Engagement

In today’s social media-driven world, many companies have found ways to educate audiences about their brand. One way to get employees engaged with your social media is via digital signage content. 

Showing employees what’s happening on various social platforms will encourage them to engage with the company’s online content. It also places more eyes on your social media to gauge how people are responding to content.

Another way to use social media and signage is to incorporate information from your intranet. In essence, a company’s intranet is an internal social media channel. Companies use them as part of their employment relationship management strategy.

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2. Celebrate Employees and Promote Cross-Departmental Engagement

Adding value to employees and their work-life is essential for your team’s productivity and growth. Using digital signage is two-fold in the workplace to help you achieve this goal.

One, you can celebrate employee’s accomplishments. When a client sends kudos or a letter of appreciation for great service, you can share it on your digital signage. When an employee gets a promotion, let their colleagues know.

Too often, employees in different departments rarely get to know each other. By implementing an employee spotlight feature, individuals get to know who else is in the building or a global office.

Employee engagement is necessary for a healthy work environment.

3. Create Breaking News Segments

Did your sales team close the deal on a huge contract? Maybe there is a merger on the horizon. Using digital signage is a way to get the news to your employees before it hits the business newswire.

Oftentimes employees are the last ones to know when breaking news is released about the company. In some instances, breaking news will attract media attention, and the media starts calling. 

You can alert employees to direct calls from the media to a designated extension or person. Or you can post a statement they should provide. 

By informing employees first, you show they are a vital part of the company, and you value them enough to deliver the news directly.


4. Incorporate Forward Thinking and Ideas

When members of the workplace receive employee surveys, the responses often reveal that communication is an issue. Employees also feel they’re not heard. It is common for companies to respond by implementing ways employees can submit ideas.

Forward-thinking companies will see the use of feedback as a way to build confidence and receive new ideas. 

If you need digital signage content, posting employee ideas is a good way to engage employees. The employee submitting the idea feels heard. Meanwhile, the company can get a feel about how other employees think.

Improving company culture starts with a safe space to share ideas. By posting it to the signage, you’re sending a message that the company is open to building a better community.

5. Break the Ice with Quick Games

Imagine the surprise on your employee’s faces when they look up and see caricatures dancing across the screen. Underneath is a blinking message to take a dance break. 

With digital signage, you can remind your employees to take a break or take a moment to laugh.

Icebreakers are also a useful tool. Encourage your employees to take time out of the day to learn something new about their colleagues. People spend one-third of their day at work with people they may only speak to if they have a work-related question.

The digital signage messages are a reminder they are more than employees and beyond individual successes. They are stronger as a collective.

6. Show Health and Fitness Tips

Employees in an office environment spend a great part of their day sitting. Companies are beginning to include workstation ergonomics to help employees improve their posture and health in the workplace.

Another tool you can use is providing health and fitness tips as part of your digital signage content.

Remember, your digital signage doesn’t have to keep the same message all the time. You want to switch the content frequently throughout the day. Variety is useful in keeping employees interested.

Showing tips they can use at work and at home shows you are concerned about their well-being.

7. Promote Brand Advocacy

Does your company offer branded gear? Do you host company sports teams? Or sponsor community charities? Each of these opportunities is a way to engage employees and promote brand and employee advocacy.

Encourage employees to wear company-branded gear. You can share opportunities to win free polo t-shirts or baseball caps. When the company is acting as a community sponsor, it’s also a great way to get employees engaged in their communities.

If an employee shares information about the company, share it on the digital display to encourage others to take pride in their workplace.

Remember, employees, make the best salespeople. If they are happy where they work, they are more likely to tell others. 

8. Highlight New Company Initiatives

Employees have a lot on their plate, both at work and home. Their focus is often on completing assigned tasks and making sure clients get what they need. Learning about company initiatives can unintentionally take a back seat.

To get those initiatives in front of the employee and remind them of company goals, use digital signage.

People remember things through repetition. The more they see the objectives, the more they are likely to remember why they are happy to work for such a great company.

9. Feature Items from the Company Newsletter

Does your company have a newsletter? Digital signage is another way to get the content before your intended audience. It can also save on the number of printed copies you need.

Post your company newsletter on the company’s website. Allow employees the option to download a PDF. Next, set a scheduled time to share information from the newsletter on the digital signage.

By doing so, you encourage employees to read the entire newsletter. The employees get great content. The people that work on the newsletter feel more empowered to produce that content.

10. Advertise Events, Trade Shows, and More

If your company is very active, you’ll need a way to keep your team members abreast of what’s going on within the company. Using digital signage in the workplace directs them to learn more about the business and industry.

Advertising events like training seminars allow employees to grow with the company and learn tools to build their CVs. Adding value to employee’s experiences piques their interest and elevates their motivation. 

Industries that rely on trade shows and conventions are another way to educate and network. Learning about these activities gives employees an incentive to engage with coworkers outside of work hours.


Digital signage best practice is a way to set a clear expectation for the expense of having devices installed. You’ll have the means to measure your return on investment. Plus, with a clear idea of intended outcomes, you’ll better understand if you’re reaching your goals. 

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