Terminal One Group, JFK – Parabit Systems

parabitjfkAbout the Project:
Terminal One Group runs operations and passenger experiences at Terminal 1 at JFK Airport.

The state-of-the-art terminal is home of the world’s most prestigious airlines and processes over 7 million passengers annually. Eleven gates and two hard- stands are controlled by their own ramp control tower. The terminal is capable of servicing narrow body, wide body, new large aircraft (NLA), and Airbus A380. Terminal One offers one of the newest, most efficient, passenger friendly terminals at JFK today.

The Challenge:
The Terminal One IT Team was tasked with the job of replacing old Flight Information Displays (FIDs) at the terminal. They needed to find a total solution that would work seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure, as well as the architecture of the terminal. A completely new build would be cost and time prohibitive, not to mention would disrupt the flow of passenger traffic. The Terminal One IT Team needed to place the FIDs displays on eight existing architectural columns in the terminal. Terminal One needed to expand and get new FIDs that would work with the IT application that monitors the FIDs displays. If Terminal One were to keep the columns instead of a costly, total renovation, new FIDs would need to be evenly distributed based on the external features in the architecture.

The Solution:
The Terminal One IT Team came to hear of Parabit Systems through the Port Authority of NY/NY (PANYNJ). The Team attends frequent meetings with PANYNJ, another client of Parabit’s. Connections there told them Parabit’s products are very intuitive on the software level, and at the same time, Parabit offers custom made kiosks and enclosures for digital signage which work with existing architecture and infrastructure.

Terminal One’s IT Team’s reference point was Parabit’s reliable, user-friendly FIDs software. The selling point was a total solution: design, custom enclosures, and software that was retro-fitted into the terminal’s existing architecture.

The result? New FIDs with intuitive software which look so attractive, they “look like they came with the original architecture,” says the Team’s IT Director.

New 4-Screen FIDs by Parabit
Parabit has designed and installed both 3-screen and 4-screen FIDs on a total of 8 columns, for 28 screens all together.

On working with the Parabit team, Terminal One had this to say: “They are very professional. They promised the work on time, and it came in a timely manner. What I like best is that the CEO, Rob, is always looking over the whole project. This made me very confident working with the whole team.”
On the quality of the FIDs, the Director said “On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I would give Parabit’s products a 10!”

Terminal One Group is adding additional Parabit FIDs to all remaining columns and expanding into other areas of the terminal. The companies are surveying additional projects that will expand Parabit’s eTract digital signage software and display enclosures into other areas of Terminal 1.