Welcoming New Member- BlueZoo, Inc.

What does your company do?
BlueZoo measures digital signage audiences and location occupancy. BlueZoo believes that advertisers should only pay for impressions they receive and that media owners should be paid for every impression delivered. In addition to opportunity-to-see, BlueZoo measures campaign reach and frequency and reports audience/occupancy in real time.

BlueZoo is accurate, low-cost, and privacy-centric. Unlike solutions that depend on mobile apps to track the GPS location of a sample of consumers, BlueZoo counts all mobile phones, using them as a proxy for people. BlueZoo does not require any software on the consumer’s mobile phone and is certified GDPR-compliant by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany.

What’s next for your company/the industry?
BlueZoo is committed to maintaining the highest degree of consumer privacy, adhering to new standards as they evolve.

Attention to privacy started with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has since inspired California’s CCPA. BlueZoo believes that solutions using GPS to track a consumer’s location, often surreptitiously, will soon cease to be acceptable. Accuracy of these traditional solutions is already declining as consumers limit mobile app location services to “When I use the app”.

Cameras, suitable for small spaces, are problematic because of their intrinsic capability to capture personally identifiable information. Cameras are also expensive and susceptible to low accuracy with poor lighting or crowded conditions.

Why did you join the DSF?
BlueZoo’s partners are typically members of DSF, both technology partners and channel partners. We want to work with our partners and support the industry.

For example, BrightSign is a BlueZoo technology partner and Thorvin Electronics is a channel partner, both being DSF members.

How may fellow DSF members reach you?
Fred Renard – fred.renard@bluezoo.io
+1 650-605-5177