Welcoming New Member – Videri

What does your company do?
Videri is the only end-to-end digital display platform that eliminates the complexity and limitations of traditional digital signage with a simple, yet high impact solution delivering infinitely differentiated digital in any location, from anywhere. Purpose-built with no external components, Videri Digital Canvases blend in seamlessly to let a brand’s message stand out. Finally put digital where you never thought possible. Be Seen..

What’s next for your company/the industry?

Our partner program! Launched in June 2023, Videri is enabling a growing reseller community globally to expand their offerings across multiple verticals with our new breed of digital that allows brands to put digital in places where traditional digital displays do not fit.

Why did you join the DSF?

As a group of liked-minded industry veterans, DSF helps Videri connect and build relationships that help better reach, support and provide innovative solutions end-users around the world. We look forward to new partnerships and connections with this powerful group.

How may fellow DSF members reach you?

Sonya Verheyden
Global Marketing, Sales & Channels Leader