White paper: Digital Signage in Industry | Advantech / Telelogos

New DSF Member, Advantech Corp recently published a white paper discussing the context, solutions, consequences and benefits of the digital signage industry. An excerpt of the whitepaper is included below.

“Digital Signage is a powerful lever for communication which uses information technology, the Internet of Things and smart devices (screens, networks, content servers). It can assemble and broadcast continuously all types of information (image, video, text feeds, etc.) on networked screens which can be installed in both public spaces and private settings. Screens viewed by specific groups (employees, customers, associates, suppliers, etc.) can broadcast information relating to, for example, the internal workings of a company or organization. Such information can be enriched with more general information, such as the time, weather forecasts, traffic reports and news.

The numerous benefits of Digital Signage are continuous and dynamic updating of information, customization in real time, instant broadcasting of messages to manage crises, reduced environmental footprint, drastic reduction in the use of paper, a modern image and, above all, improved communications thanks to the attraction and stimulation inherent in the images shown on the screens. The power of image over text has been widely documented (cf. Ralph Haber, 1960). Digital Signage enables the user to present all types of information through dynamic images and, consequently, to increase adhesion and memorization.”

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