Why should I choose cloud based Digital Signage software over on-premise?

An article by DSF Member Signagelive

Businessman with cloud computing concept

The truth is, you shouldn’t always choose cloud-based software over on-premise. In fact there are times when on-premise might be best. Both are here to stay; this is what this article is going to explain. The pros and cons of both options, in a transparent manner. Hopefully by the end of it you will know what will be best for you.

Explainer: To begin with, what do these two terms refer to in digital signage? On-premise means the content management server and software will be on a hard drive on a machine which you own. Cloud based (or SaaS) on the other hand means that the content management server and software will be on someone else’s server and you can access everything through the web.

You’d have to have been hiding under a rock to not have noticed the growth in popularity of cloud computing in recent years. For many it has been a saviour replacing old, archaic systems to a more flexible manageable one, saving on time and money. However, both cloud and on-premise get you the same result, it’s just a case of how that differs. So what factors should enter into your decision to look at cloud or on-premise? From a digital signage perspective the things to consider are: …

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