Digital Out-of-Home- Shell’s Personalized Billboard

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Malaysia’s advertising community has embraced Digital OOH. With Shell’s media agency, MediaCom, we were trying to address the following challenge: “How can Shell target drivers with personalized billboard messages on how V-Power will benefit the car they are driving, while they are on the road?” We executed the campaign on Malaysia’s most sought after digital billboard in an affluent neighborhood – Cubig@Bangsar. This site has full visibility for drivers who stop at the traffic light


Shell was the first fuel brand to introduce a premium fuel in Malaysia but the competition in the market was growing. Shell wanted to target drivers and educate them on the value and benefits of the Shell V Power fuel for their vehicles. We tapped into GroupM 3D insights on Malaysian motorists and their attitudes towards premium fuels. We observed that fuel preferences are dependent not on the motorist’s profiles but on the car brand they drive. For example, efficiency resonates more with Honda drivers while performance is key for BMW drivers. Additionally, influencing fuel purchase decisions must happen on the road, where these decisions are made. Since the communication had to reach drivers on the go, three “last-mile” media channels were considered – OOH, Radio, and Navigation Apps (Waze). It was decided to super-charge OOH with real-time video analytics and dynamic content triggers to serve personalized messages to motorists.


The challenge was to deliver a personalized digital OOH experience over the whole month without interfering with the digital billboard’s existing advertisers and while responding to constantly changing conditions – traffic conditions, type and brand of car that will stop at the billboard just when your advertisement is about to play. We equipped the billboard with video analysis capability to not only recognize the car brands stopped in front of it but also trigger the right message to play for each potential condition. Additionally, our data platform was used to build an offline attribution model – mapping the audiences passing by the board when Shell’s ads were scheduled to run and matching these to footfall in nearby Shell stations.


The campaign was run on Malaysia’s in-demand digital billboard – Cubig@Bangsar. The media site is located at an affluent location that attracts premium car brands. To improve efficiency, we used live traffic analysis to identify peak traffic hours and scheduled client’s advertising slots during these hours. Motorists’ fuel preference insights were segmented into 7 distinct pools: Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Mazda and Mass brands. MediaCom developed personalized creatives for each segment. The Content Player was updated with all the
creatives. The billboard was equipped with video analysis and audience measurement capability. When vehicles stop at red light, video analysis identifies its brand. Based on the hierarchy set by client, a value is sent out by the vehicle recognition software (for example, when a BMW and Honda are simultaneously recognized, BMW takes priority). This value then triggers the appropriate creative for Shell (e.g. BMW segment) in the content player.


In summery, the main objective of the campaign was to deliver cut- through personalized communication to motorists on the benefits of switching to Shell V Power. Key Results: – The campaign reached approximately 1 million unique motorists within Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over a 33 day period. – 21% of the audience exposed to the billboard campaign visited a nearby Shell Station during the tracking period that was directly attributable to the campaign. The total spend for the campaign was RM112,000, so the Cost Per Visit was RM0.5. – By targeting only the peak (4 hours) traffic hours, Shell was able to reach more than 42% of the total vehicles that passed by the billboard within those 4 hours (vs 57.4% during the other 16 hours) – By being present on a premium billboard, Shell V Power was able to garner a 56% reach among higher-end car brands

Nominating Company: Moving Walls
Project Name: Shell’s Personalized Billboard