‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday: Rise Display / Skybox Fancave x Prostatis Financial Advisors Group

In this week’s ‘Work That Wins’ Wednesday 🤩, the Digital Signage Federation would like to highlight a display by Rise Display / Skybox Fancave for Prostatis Financial Advisors Group !

Prostatis provides tax, estate, and financial planning services. They have created The Savvy Investor Retirement Summary to provide a complete retirement picture in one summary and to educate their customers they conduct regular podcasts, radio shows, and TV segments. That is where the LED stock ticker comes in. The ticker provides a decorative backdrop in the studio that is visible as soon as guests enter the building. The smooth scrolling real-time stock prices get people to stop and look through the window and engage in conversation.

Financial services is a competitive industry and firms need a way to stand out. A real-time stock ticker puts Prostatis financial credibility on display to reinforce their expertise to everyone that passes by.


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