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(March 23, 2022, Warrenton VA) The Digital Signage Federation (DSF), the only non-for-profit independent voice of the digital signage ecosystem, is proud to announce, “Brawn’s Insights,” a new online collaboration with Alan Brawn. This new section of the DSF website will feature monthly articles on timely topics from one of the industry’s leading educators and thinkers.

“When Alan Brawn speaks, people listen,” said Len Dudis, Chairman of the DSF Board. “Alan has a unique way of looking at what’s happening both within and outside of our industry and distilling those ideas into insightful articles we think our members will both enjoy and learn a thing or two from.”

Alan is a founder and former DSF Chairman and has been a frequent contributor to the DSF website, providing thought leadership and other relevant industry news and informational content. The new monthly feature gives him a regular space to do what he’s passionate about, and that’s educating people about our industry.

Alan Brawn said, “With this regular column I hope to provide a unique perspective on a variety of topics , born out of my passion for continuous learning and then sharing trends, applications, and emerging technologies with clients and the industry. Our goal is to help open minded leaders to be more effective at their craft by taking a minute out of their day for reflection.”

“The only constant is change. Knowledge is not one and done, it is constantly changing and we must change along with it to grow”

Alan Brawn

Alongside his son Jonathan, heads up the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) which provides certification, advancement, and advocacy for the Digital Signage Industry. As demand for digital signage grows, so too does the need for the industry to keep pace with the rapid change happening within the ecosystem.

“The only constant is change,” said Brawn. “Knowledge is not one and done, it is constantly changing and we must change along with it to grow. It begins with certifications and moves forward with continuing education. This is what the DSF and our new column is all about.”

While Alan has no problem developing or finding topics to write about, he wants to hear what you, the DSF membership want to know about, and will be taking suggestions on topics to explore from readers.

When asked about how he hopes to interact with the DSF audience, Alan said “As content is king in digital signage, so the topic is king is writing. Some topics are ‘need to know’ and others are ‘want to know’. With the input of the DSF community we hope to address the needs and wants in this column and in the process advance the cause of digital signage as a mainstream communication medium.”

Professor Brawn’s Insights debuts this month, with a look at the confluence of AV and digital signage, including the tradeshows and events that support the converging industries.


About DSF

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) is the only not-for-profit independent voice of the digital signage industry, reflecting the diverse constituencies that make up our industry. Our goal is to continue building a strong foundation for the advancement of the industry. To this end, we partner with our members and key organizations to provide education, networking, and advocacy to continue moving the growth of the industry forward.

About Alan Brawn

Alan C. Brawn is a principal of Brawn Consulting LLC an audio visual and digital signage consulting, educational development, and market intelligence firm with international exposure to major manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and integrators. He is also the Director of Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) DSEG provides Certification, Advancement and Advocacy for the Digital Signage Industry. Working in collaboration with commercial AV, IT, and signage professionals, the creative community, manufacturers, and distributors, DSEG develops and delivers training, certification standards and educational programs for professionals at any stage of their career.