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Digital Signage, Coming to a Place Near You!

By Alan Brawn | February 24, 2023

By Alan C. Brawn CTS, ISF-C, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, DCME, DSSP Over the last several years I have participated in several discussions (some might say heated debates) as to whether…

Digital Signage: Whatever You Want it to Be

By Alan Brawn | December 30, 2022

By Alan C. Brawn CTS, ISF-C, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, DCME, DSSP Inspiration is an interesting and often times illusive phenomenon. You never quite know when that feeling will come upon…

End Users-The Heart and Soul of Digital Signage

By Alan Brawn | November 19, 2022

By Alan C. Brawn CTS, ISF-C, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, DCME, DSSP I can think of no better time to write this my latest article on the eve and launch of…

Why We “Need” the Digital Signage Experience

By Alan Brawn | August 29, 2022

By Alan C. Brawn CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DCME, DSNE, DSSP, ISF-C With the announcement of the “new” DSE a few months back it immediately begged the question in the back…

Expanding the Reach of Digital Signage

By Alan Brawn | July 6, 2022

Please permit me to report (and by the way, data will validate) that what we thought in the beginnings of digital signage is still true today, lo those many years…

Digital Signage the Journey to InfoComm

By Alan Brawn | June 17, 2022

Suffice it to say, at one time the AV and digital signage communities were at separate ends of the spectrum. While using some of the same technologies, their “agendas” were…

Understanding the Dynamics of the Experience

By Alan Brawn | April 13, 2022

By Alan C. Brawn CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, DCME, DSSP, ISF-C We find ourselves in a world of acronyms and buzz words. I don’t know about you, but acronyms can…

AV and Digital Signage-Not Either Or

By Alan Brawn | March 17, 2022

AV is technology driving the experience whereas digital signage is the experience driving the technology. How are industry events supporting this notion?

Jobs Everywhere, and the Importance of Micro Credentials

By Alan Brawn | February 2, 2022

By Alan C. Brawn CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DCME, DSNE, DSSP, ISF-C Mostly triggered by the pandemic, but in truth beginning even before 2020, it is safe to say that this…

How to Create an RFP- Part 1

By Alan Brawn | January 6, 2020

Course Name: How to Create and RFP- Part 1 Course Author: Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting Tracks: Digital Signage 101 Course Description:  This course is part 1 of 2. Together, the two courses…

Alan Brawn ( CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, DCME, DSSP,ISF-C), affectionately known as Professor Brawn, is a veteran of digital signage, audio visual, and stage production.  Alan is principal of Brawn Consulting, an audio-visual consulting, training, educational development, and market intelligence company with national exposure to major manufacturers and integrators in the industry.

Brawn was awarded the InfoComm Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011 and he is the past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation and the Pro AV Hall of Fame recognition from rAVe in 2004. Alan Brawn received the Fred Dixon Lifetime Achievement in AV Education from InfoComm in 2015. Alan is also the co-developer of the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) certification program and numerous certification classes. In 2018 the DSF named its Educator of the Year Award after Alan.


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