Digital Out-of-Home- The Genesis Experience at Toronto Pearson Airport

BIG Digital, partnering with Thinkingbox / Innocean Worldwide Canada and the GTAA, created a unique DOOH projection mapping experience to showcase the exciting new Genesis G70. ‘The Genesis Experience’ carries travellers past a ribbon of LCD displays, on their way from the parking garage to the terminal in Canada’s largest airport, Toronto’s Pearson International. Climactically concluding with an actual G70 coming alive through projection mapping, the project reinforces the Genesis brand message while delighting travellers.


BIG Digital was tasked to help create a long running projection mapping activation for Genesis in an area of Pearson Terminal 1, which was previously an empty section of parking garage. With the help of Juiceworks Exhibits, a custom environment and stage was created to not only showcase a full-sized Genesis car, but also all of the LCD and projection technology required to make the custom digital content come to life and dazzle. Launched in December 2019, this sensational showcase has built up excitement around the G70 ,and imparted the unique and luxurious experience of Genesis ownership – crucial in the short time it had a traveller’s attention.


Creating an ongoing DOOH experience using multiple display technologies and techniques in a parking garage is not without its challenges. Although the hallway to which viewers can see ‘The Genesis Experience’ is inside, everything else is in a garage that is exposed to the temperatures of Canadian summers and winters. A full climate- controlled room was built to house not only the G70 but also the server and six (6) Christie Digital laser projectors that create the full projection coverage. Since the airport runs 24/7, so does the digital experience so backups and regular maintenance are key to keeping everything running smooth. Unexpected power failures and building vibrations from the nearby monorail which can slowly knock out alignment of the projection mapping over time are issues. Another challenge was preparing the G70 for projection mapping and getting the best image possible from the Christie technology.


Keeping the system design simple and using reliable technology partners is key to keeping something as visually complex as ‘The Genesis Experience’ running and looking good over time. Solutions like initial testing to ensure which vinyl wrap provided the best projection surface while keeping the original look of the G70 was just as important as deciding on what software and hardware systems will ensure that content will work together from the LCD ribbon through to the projection experience. A system design that also makes sure everything is accessible and easily monitored allows for remote operation and support to be simple and only keep on-site support to mainly preventative maintenance visits.


From the moment ‘The Genesis Experience’ was turned on and opened to the travelling public it was stopping people right away. Aside from taking a boring trip from the parking garage through to the terminal and creating a unique visual experience, ‘The Genesis Experience’ reinforced Genesis brand awareness leading into the retail showroom previously opened in 2018 with the help of BIG Digital within the Terminal 1 departure area. The Genesis Canada marketing leadership taking risks with unconventional activations such as this helped increase sales in Canada by mid 2019 by 48 per cent compared to their 2017 previous high-water mark. The visionary team at the GTAA also saw the opportunity to reinvent how brands can activate at their airport and show how they can reach the public to create magical digital-out-of- home marketing experiences.

Nominating Company- Big Digital Corp.
Project Name-
The Genesis Experience at Toronto Pearson Airport