Director of Technical Operations – Digital Network – Georgia Tech

Job Description/Title:

Director – Technical Operations – Digital Network – Georgia Tech

Job Purpose:

Plan, organize, and oversee the Digital Network information technology support function. Establish network architecture and lead in the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of hardware and software systems required for the unit’s information technology needs. Responsible for setting employee goals, determining organizational structure to meet those goals, assessing performance, providing feedback and recommending pay actions.

Impact and Influence:

This position will interact on a consistent basis with: Digital Network senior managers and staff, Digital Network IT users/customers, OIT management and staff, and IT directors in other units.

This position typically will advise and counsel: Digital Network senior managers and staff, Digital Network IT users/customers, OIT management and staff, and IT directors in other units. This position will supervise: Digital Network Technical Operations technical support team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership of the Technical Operations unit to include systems-level connectivity and responsibility for endpoints within the network of screens across Georgia Tech.
  • Lead the development of bid specifications for the hardware and software RFP process. Identify potential technology partners that possess products and services that match the vision for the Network. Serve as the key liaison with the chosen technology partners after Installation for all contractual support obligations.
  • Evolve the technical Infrastructure roadmap with an eye on emerging technologies.
  • Establish the technical budget to include personnel and prospective installation and operational costs of the network Inventory as well as end-of-life considerations. Identify all valuable and potential Network endpoints and work closely with critical Tech departments to establish viability and Installation processes.
  • Vigorously test all aspects of the infrastructure prior to official campus-wide launching of the Network or Network enhancements.
  • Monitor the diagnostic health of the Network campus-wide and oversee support efforts.
  • Regularly meet with all cross-functional departments within Georgia Tech such as OIT, Facilities, Capital Planning and Space Management, Police, Emergency Services, Campus Services, Institute Communications and others to maintain the proper relationships necessary to the success of the Network. Establish high-value relationships with leadership in those Departments for best results.
  • Research and provide counsel to the process of selecting the best possible Content Management Software and players, along with the Director of Content Operation
  • Other related duties as assigned

Education, Specialized Knowledge and Experience:

Degrees required for this job: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field or equivalent combination of education and experience. Degrees preferred: Years of experience required for this job: 8+ years of job related experience. Years preferred: Ten Certifications or licenses required for this job: Certifications or licenses preferred:

Specialized Skills:

Specialized skills required for this job: Working knowledge of unit level information technology infrastructure including related software and hardware. Skills in strategic planning, budget formulation and management, management of technical professionals, oral and written communications, IT policy development and administration, project management, process engineering/reengineering, relational dataset administration and application of performance metrics. Skills in Engineering AV/IT, project management, network operations, managed services, and supervision. Must have a solid technical understanding of key technologies including A/V technology and encoding practices, Web, HTML & Dynamic data, network and transport architecture, remote device hardware and firmware, and display technology for both indoor and exterior locations.

Specialized skills preferred:

Work experience or knowledge of the process of working within a university environment or state government institution.

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